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For general information

This reference manual list the menu items:

Icon mWorkFlow.png Workflow-Process
Icon mWindow.png Window / Form
Icon mProcess.png Process
Icon mReport.png Report

System Admin

Icon mOpen.png System Admin
Icon mOpen.png General Rules
Icon mOpen.png System Rules General System Rules
Icon mWindow.png System - System Definition
Icon mWorkFlow.png Language Setup - Setup a new Language of the system and translate elements
Icon mWindow.png Language - Maintain Languages
Icon mWindow.png Translation Import/Export - Import or Export Language Translation
Icon mWindow.png System Translation Check - Check System Language Translations
Icon mWindow.png Menu - Maintain Menu
Icon mWindow.png Tree - Maintain Tree definition
Icon mWindow.png Tree Maintenance - Maintain Trees
Icon mWindow.png Task - Maintain Tasks
Icon mWindow.png System Color - Maintain System Colors
Icon mWindow.png System Image - Maintain Images and Icons
Icon mWindow.png Error Message - Display Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Notice - View System Notices
Icon mWindow.png Country Region and City - Maintain Countries Regions and Cities
Icon mWindow.png System Configurator
Icon mOpen.png Security
Icon mWindow.png Password Rule
Icon mWindow.png User - Maintain Users of the system
Icon mWindow.png My Profile - My user information
Icon mWindow.png Reset Password - Reset Password
Icon mProcess.png Reset Locked Account - Reset Locked Account for User
Icon mWindow.png Role - Maintain User Responsibilities
Icon mProcess.png Role Access Update - Update the access rights of a role or roles of a client
Icon mProcess.png Copy Role - Copy Role
Icon mWindow.png Role Data Access - Maintain Data Access Rules
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button Restrict
Icon mWindow.png Access Audit - Audit of Access to data or resources
Icon mWindow.png Session Audit - Audit of User Sessions
Icon mWindow.png Process Audit - Audit process use
Icon mWindow.png Change Audit - Audit of data changes
Icon mWindow.png Archive Viewer - View automatically archived Documents
Icon mProcess.png Convert passwords to hashes - Convert existing plain text/encrypted user passwords to one way hash
Icon mOpen.png Server Adempiere Server Maintenance
Icon mWindow.png Scheduler - Maintain Schedule Processes and Logs
Icon mWindow.png Schedule - Times for the scheduler
Icon mWindow.png Alert Processor - Maintain Alert Processor/Server Parameter and Logs
Icon mWindow.png House Keeping
Icon mProcess.png HouseKeeping
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Processor - Maintain Workflow Processor and Logs
Icon mWindow.png LDAP Server - LDAP Server to authenticate and authorize external systems based on Adempiere
Icon mOpen.png Workflow Adempiere Workflow
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Responsible - Responsible for Workflow Execution
Icon mWindow.png Workflow - Maintain Workflow
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Editor - Edit Workflows
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Activities (all) - Monitor all Workflow activities
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Activities - My active workflow activities
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Process - Monitor workflow processes
Icon mOpen.png Printing Print Definition
Icon mWindow.png Print Paper - Maintain Print Paper
Icon mWindow.png Print Color - Maintain Print Color
Icon mWindow.png Print Font - Maintain Print Font
Icon mWindow.png Print Table Format - Define Report Table Format
Icon mWindow.png Print Format - Maintain Print Format
Icon mReport.png Print Format Detail - Print Format Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png Print Form - Maintain Print Forms (Invoices, Checks, ..) used
Icon mWindow.png Label Printer - Maintain Label Printer Definition
Icon mWindow.png Print Label - Print Label Format
Icon mOpen.png Collaboration Collaboration and Content Management
Icon mWindow.png Chat Type - Maintain Chat Types
Icon mWindow.png View Chat - View discussions / chats
Icon mWindow.png Test - Test Screen
Icon mWindow.png Java Version - Displays the version of the default Java VM
Icon mWindow.png SQL Process - Process SQL Statements
Icon mWindow.png Database export - Export (save) the database
Icon mWindow.png Database transfer - Transfer the database
Icon mProcess.png Synchronize Terminology - Synchronize the terminology within the system.
Icon mProcess.png Recompile DB Objects - Recompile Database Objects
Icon mProcess.png Sequence Check - Check System and Document Sequences
Icon mProcess.png Enable Native Sequence - Enable Native Sequence
Icon mProcess.png UUID Generator
Icon mProcess.png Cache Reset - Reset Cache of the System ** Close all Windows before proceeding **
Icon mOpen.png Client Rules Maintain Client Rules
Icon mProcess.png Initial Client Setup Process
Icon mWindow.png Client - Maintain Clients/Tenants
Icon mWindow.png Merge Entities - Merge From Entity to To Entity - Delete From
Icon mWindow.png ASP Modules
Icon mOpen.png Organization Rules
Icon mWindow.png Organization Type - Maintain Organization Types
Icon mWindow.png Organization - Maintain Organizations
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Content Edit
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Preference
Icon mWindow.png Payment Processor
Icon mOpen.png Data Maintain Data
Icon mOpen.png Utility
Icon mWindow.png Attachment - Maintain Attachments
Icon mWindow.png Location - Maintain Location Address
Icon mWindow.png Preference - Maintain System Client Org and User Preferences
Icon mOpen.png Data Import
Icon mWindow.png Import Loader Format - Maintain Import Loader Formats
Icon mWindow.png Import Account - Import Natural Account Values
Icon mWindow.png Import Report Line Set - Import Report Line Sets
Icon mWindow.png Import Currency Rate - Import Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mProcess.png Delete Import - Delete all data in Import Table
Icon mOpen.png Replication Data
Icon mWorkFlow.png Setup Replication - Setup of data replication
Icon mWindow.png Replication Strategy - Maintain Data Replication Strategy
Icon mWindow.png Export Format
Icon mProcess.png Export Format Generator - Create multiple Export Format based in a Window
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor
Icon mWindow.png Relation Type
Icon mWindow.png System Issue Report - Automatically created or manually entered System Issue Reports

Application Dictionary

Icon mOpen.png Application Dictionary Maintain Application Dictionary
Icon mWindow.png Search Definition - Define transactioncodes for the QuickSearch bar
Icon mWindow.png Entity Type - Maintain System Entity Type
Icon mWindow.png Element - Maintain System Elements
Icon mWindow.png Table and Column - Maintain Tables and Columns
Icon mWindow.png Field Group - Define Field Group
Icon mWindow.png Window, Tab & Field - Maintain Windows, Tabs & Fields
Icon mWindow.png Info Window - Define Info and search/select Window
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button
Icon mWindow.png Form - Special Forms
Icon mWindow.png Reference - Maintain System References
Icon mWindow.png Validation Rules - Maintain dynamic Validation Rules for columns and fields
Icon mWindow.png Model Validator
Icon mWindow.png Message - Maintain Information and Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Report View - Maintain Report Views
Icon mWindow.png Report & Process - Maintain Reports & Processes
Icon mWindow.png Rule
Icon mWindow.png Window Customization - Define Window Customization for Role/User
Icon mWindow.png Migration Scripts
Icon mOpen.png Application Packaging Import and export packaging
Icon mWindow.png Pack Out - Create 2pack package
Icon mWindow.png Pack In - Imports a package
Icon mWindow.png Packages Installed - List of packages installed
Icon mWindow.png Package Maintenance - Package installation history and maintenance

Partner Relations

Icon mOpen.png Partner Relations Customer Relations and Partner Management
Icon mOpen.png Request
Icon mWorkFlow.png Request Setup - Set up the client to process requests
Icon mWindow.png Request Type - Maintain Request Types
Icon mWindow.png Request Group - Maintain Request Group
Icon mWindow.png Request Category - Maintain Request Category
Icon mWindow.png Request Resolution - Maintain Request Resolutions
Icon mWindow.png Request Status - Maintain Request Status
Icon mWindow.png Request Standard Response - Maintain Request Standard Response
Icon mWindow.png Request (all) - View and work on all requests
Icon mWindow.png Request - Work on your requests
Icon mWindow.png Sales Rep Info - Company Agent (Sales Rep) Information
Icon mWindow.png Mail Template - Maintain Mail Template

Material Management

Icon mOpen.png Material Management
Icon mOpen.png Material Management Rules
Icon mWindow.png Unit of Measure - Maintain Unit of Measure

Performance Analysis

Icon mOpen.png Performance Analysis
Icon mOpen.png Accounting Rules
Icon mWindow.png Accounting Dimensions - Maintain Non-Account Dimension Trees
Icon mWindow.png Currency Type - Maintain Currency Conversion Rate Types
Icon mWindow.png Currency - Maintain Currencies
Icon mWindow.png Currency Rate - Maintain Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mProcess.png Verify Document Types - Verify Document Types and Period Controls
Icon mWindow.png Document Sequence - Maintain System and Document Sequences
Icon mOpen.png Financial Reporting
Icon mWindow.png Report Column Set - Maintain Financial Report Column Sets
Icon mOpen.png Performance MeasurementPerformance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Alert - Adempiere Alert
Icon mWorkFlow.png Performance Measurement Setup - Setup your Performance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Performance Color Schema - Maintain Performance Color Schema
Icon mWindow.png Performance Measure - Define your Performance Measures
Icon mWindow.png Performance Measure Calculation - Define how you calculate your performance measures
Icon mWindow.png Performance Goal - Define Performance Goals
Icon mWindow.png Performance Benchmark - Performance Benchmark
Icon mWindow.png Performance Indicators - View Performance Indicators


Icon mOpen.png Assets
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets Applications to setup and maintain fixed assets
Icon mOpen.png Setup and Maintain Setup and maintain assets
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets Setup Setup and Maintain Fixed Assets
Icon mReport.png Inbound Charge Entry Report - Used to review Assets Inbound Entry
Icon mWindow.png Inbound Asset Entry - Create Inbound Asset Entry
Icon mWindow.png Post Imported Assets - Import Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Setup Applications to setup and maintain depreciation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Methods - Depreciation Methods
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Calculation Method - Define Calculation Methods used in depreciation expense calculation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation First Year Conventions - Setup for depreciation Setups
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Period Spread Type - Period Spread Type
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Tables - Allows users to create multiple depreciation schedules
Icon mOpen.png Processing Process Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Processing Applications to Process Fixed Assets to the GL
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Forecast
Icon mReport.png Asset Depreciation Forecast - Used to review Assets Forecast
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Workfile - Build Depreciation Expense File
Icon mReport.png Depreciation Expense Entry - Used to review Depreciation Expense Entry not yet booked
Icon mWindow.png Post Depreciation Entry - Create Depreciation Entry
Icon mOpen.png Splits Transfers and Disposals Process Assets Splits Transfers and Disposals
Icon mReport.png Asset Split Entry - Used to review Assets Split Entry
Icon mWindow.png Split Asset Entry - Create Split Asset Entries
Icon mReport.png Asset Transfer Entry - Used to review Assets Transfered Entry
Icon mWindow.png Transfer Asset Entry - Create Transfer Asset Entry
Icon mReport.png Asset Disposal Expense Entry Rpt - Used to review Assets Disposed Entry
Icon mWindow.png Disposed Asset Entry - Create Disposed Asset Entry
Icon mOpen.png Asset Revaluation Process Asset Revaluations
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Processing - Process Revaluation of Assets
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Index - Set the Revaluate Assets Index or Factors
Icon mOpen.png Reporting Reporting for fixed assets
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Parent_Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Group_Defaults - Lists Asset Group Settings & Defaults
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Table
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Convention_Rpt - Asset Convention Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Calculation_Methods - List Depreciation Calculation Methods Available
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Depreciation_Method - List Depreciation Methods
Icon mReport.png Spread Report