Setup Replication (Workflow ID-50012)

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Workflow: Setup Replication

Description: Setup of data replication

Help: Data Replication allows you to synchronize data of remote instances with a central office. All actions are initialized from the central office.

Central System:
- setup system with all organizations, roles, etc.
- run the migration to make sure that it is up-to-date
- export the central system

Remote System: - install the exact version as Central System
- import data from Central System in the remote locations

Central System: - Replication Strategy
- Define Export Format
- Config Export Processor
- Start JMS Server

    • Enter Transactions **

Remote System:
- Config Import Processor
Setup Replication - Workflow (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Workflow Nodes
Name Description Help Type Zoom
Replication Strategy Replication Strategy User Window Replication Strategy
Export Format Export Format User Window Export Format
Export Processor Type Export Processor Type User Window Export Processor Type
Export Processor Export Processor User Window Export Processor
Import Processor Type Import Processor Type User Window Import Processor Type
Import Proccesor Import Proccesor User Window Import Processor

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