Performance Measurement Setup (Workflow ID-112)

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Workflow: Performance Measurement Setup

Description: Setup your Performance Measurement

Help: This workflow guides you through setting up your performance measurement based on Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecard, etc.

Most important: Do your analysis first! - What are your goals and how do you measure it?

When you are setting up the system, you do it in reverse: First you define how you measure it and last you define the goals for the measurements. You have three ways measuring performance: - via quantifiable measures (e.g. sales of million in Q1) - via manual measures - via achievements (tasks)

The system converts the measures into percentages (based on the target and achieved measure - or number of total and reached achievements)

Performance Measurement Setup - Workflow (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Workflow Nodes
Name Description Help Type Zoom
Performance Color Schema Maintain Performance Color Schema Visual representation of performance by color. The Schema has often three levels (e.g. red-yellow-green). iDempiere support two levels (e.g. red-green) or four levels (e.g. gray-bronce-silver-gold). Note that Measures without a goal are represented white. The percentages could be beween 0 and unlimited (i.e. above 100%). User Window Performance Color Schema
Performance Measure Calculation Define how you calculate your performance measures The Performance Measure Calculation defines how performance measures will be calculated.

The sql needs to return a single value. Please check examples.
The date trestriction is defined in the Goal. Any restrictions for Organizations, Business Partners, Products, etc. are as Performance Goal Restrictions.

User Window Performance Measure Calculation
Performance Measure Define your Performance Measures The Performance Measure Window allows you to define the rules and restrictions for performance measurement. You can, for example, restrict performance measurement to sales for a certain product category for a defined time frame. User Window Performance Measure
Performance Goal Define Performance Goals The Performance Goal Window allows you to define performance goals or all, a role or a user User Window Performance Goal

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