Request Setup (Workflow ID-113)

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Workflow: Request Setup

Description: Set up the tenant to process requests


Request Setup - Workflow (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Workflow Nodes
Name Description Help Type Zoom
Check Tenant Setup Check Tenant setup for Requests You need to have a mail server and an email address from which the requets an notifications are sent. Optionally, if you define a mail user and password, requests are read from the mail users's folder and imported into the system. User Window Tenant
Check Users Check users for Request processing Please ensure that users have a email address and supervisor assigned. User Window User
Check Business Partners Check Business Partners for Request processing You can send EMails to businbess partners. Make sure, that the business partners and/or the Contacts have email addresses. User Window Business Partner
Request Processor Define Request Processors The Request Processor Window allows you to define different processes that you want to occur and the frequency and timing of these processes A Request Processor can be just for a specific Request Type or for all. User Window Request Processor
Request Type Maintain Request Types Request Types are used for processing and categorizing requests. Options are Account Inquiry, Warranty Issue, etc. User Window Request Type
Request Group Maintain Request Group Group of requests (e.g. version numbers, responsibility, ...) User Window Request Group
Request Category Maintain Request Category Category or Topic of the Request User Window Request Category
Request Resolution Maintain Request Resolutions Resolution status (e.g. Fixed, Rejected, ..) User Window Request Resolution
Request Status Maintain Request Status Status if the request (open, closed, investigating, ..) User Window Request Status
Request Standard Response Maintain Request Standard Response Text blocks to be copied into request response text User Window Request Standard Response
Request (all) View and work on all requests This Request window is used to view all available requests User Window Request (all)

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