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System Admin

Icon mOpen.png System Admin
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Umum
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Sistem' - Aturan Sistem Yang Umum
Icon mProcess.png Synchronize Doc Translation - Synchronize Document Translation
Icon mWindow.png Menu - Maintain Menu
Icon mWindow.png Pokok - Maintain Tree definition
Icon mWindow.png Penyelenggaraan Pokok - Mengekalkan Pokok-pokok
Icon mWindow.png Tugas - Maintain Tasks
Icon mWindow.png System Image - Maintain Images and Icons
Icon mWindow.png Pesan Error - Display Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Perhatian - View System Notices
Icon mWindow.png Wilayah Negara dan Kota - Maintain Countries Regions and Cities
Icon mWindow.png System Configurator
Icon mOpen.png Security
Icon mWindow.png Pengguna - Maintain Users of the system
Icon mWindow.png My Profile - My user information
Icon mWindow.png Reset Password - Reset Password
Icon mProcess.png Reset Locked Account - Reset Locked Account for User
Icon mWindow.png Peranan - Maintain User Responsibilities
Icon mProcess.png Role Access Update - Update the access rights of a role or roles of a client
Icon mProcess.png Copy Role - Copy Role
Icon mWindow.png Role Data Access - Maintain Data Access Rules
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button Restrict
Icon mWindow.png Akses Audit - Audit of Access to data or resources
Icon mWindow.png Session Audit - Audit of User Sessions
Icon mWindow.png Proses Audit - Audit process use
Icon mWindow.png Change Audit - Audit of data changes
Icon mWindow.png Mengarkibkan Penonton - Pandangan secara automatik dokumen-dokumen yang diarkibkan
Icon mOpen.png Server' - Adempiere Server Maintenance
Icon mWindow.png Penjadual - Maintain Schedule Processes and Logs
Icon mWindow.png Permintaan Prosesan - Define Request Processors
Icon mWindow.png Amaran Prosesan - Maintain Alert Processor/Server Parameter and Logs
Icon mWindow.png Prosesan Aliran Kerja - Maintain Workflow Processor and Logs
Icon mWindow.png Prosesan Perakaunan - Maintain Accounting Processor and Logs
Icon mProcess.png Request EMail Processor
Icon mOpen.png Aliran Kerja' - Alur Kerja Adempiere
Icon mWindow.png Tanggungjawab Aliran kerja - Tanggungjawab Perlaksanaan Aliran Kerja
Icon mWindow.png Aliran Kerja - Maintain Workflow
Icon mWindow.png Pengarang aliran kerja - Sunting aliran kerja
Icon mProcess.png Workflow to Client - Move custom workflow elements to the current client
Icon mWindow.png Aktivitas Alur Kerja (semuanya) - Monitor all Workflow activities
Icon mWindow.png Aktiviti-aktiviti aliran kerja - Aktiviti-aktiviti aliran kerja saya yang aktif
Icon mWindow.png Proses Aliran kerja - Monitor workflow processes
Icon mOpen.png Printing' - Print Definition
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Kertas - Maintain Print Paper
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Warna - Maintain Print Color
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Font - Maintain Print Font
Icon mWindow.png Format Cetak Jadual - Define Report Table Format
Icon mWindow.png Format Cetak - Maintain Print Format
Icon mReport.png Print Format Detail - Print Format Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png Borang CetakPrint Form - Maintain Print Forms (Invoices, Checks, ..) used
Icon mWindow.png Pencetak Label - Maintain Label Printer Definition
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Label - Print Label Format
Icon mOpen.png CollaborationCollaboration and Content Management
Icon mWindow.png Chat Type - Maintain Chat Types
Icon mWindow.png View Chat - View discussions / chats
Icon mProcess.png Cache Reset - Reset Cache of the System ** Close all Windows before proceeding **
Icon mOpen.png Client Rules' - Maintain Client Rules
Icon mWorkFlow.png Initial Client Setup Review - Review of system level setup of a new Client
Icon mWindow.png Setup Wizard
Icon mWindow.png Klien - Maintain Clients/Tenants
Icon mWindow.png Stor Web - Define Web Store
Icon mWindow.png Entiti-entiti Bergabung - Bergabung Daripada Entiti ke Entiti - Memadamkan Daripada
Icon mWindow.png ASP Subscribed Modules
Icon mOpen.png Organization Rules
Icon mWindow.png Organisasi - Maintain Organizations
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Content Edit
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Preference
Icon mWindow.png Bank - Maintain Bank
Icon mWindow.png Payment Processor
Icon mWindow.png Penyata Bank Matcher - Algorithm to match Bank Statement Info to Business Partners, Invoices and Payments
Icon mWindow.png Buku Kas - Maintain Cashbook
Icon mWindow.png Recurring - Recurring Document
Icon mOpen.png Data' - Maintain Data
Icon mOpen.png Utility
Icon mWindow.png Lampiran - Tangani Cantuman
Icon mWindow.png Lokasi - Maintain Location Address
Icon mWindow.png Keutamaan - Maintain System Client Org and User Preferences
Icon mWindow.png My Unprocessed Documents - My Unprocessed Documents
Icon mWindow.png Unprocessed Documents (All) - Unprocessed Documents (All)
Icon mOpen.png Impor Data
Icon mWindow.png Import Loader Format - Maintain Import Loader Formats
Icon mWindow.png Mengimport Fail - Mengimport fail-fail ke dalam jadual
Icon mWindow.png Import Rakan kongsi Niaga - Import Rakan kongsi Niaga
Icon mWindow.png Import Product - Import Products
Icon mWindow.png Import Price List - Import Price Lists
Icon mWindow.png Import Akaun - Import Natural Account Values
Icon mWindow.png Import Report Line Set - Import Report Line Sets
Icon mWindow.png Import Inventori - Import Inventory Transactions
Icon mWindow.png Import Inventory Move - This window allow import Inventory Move transaction
Icon mWindow.png Pesanan Import - Import Orders
Icon mWindow.png Import Invois - Import Invoices
Icon mWindow.png Import Confirmations - Import Receipt/Shipment Confirmation Lines
Icon mWindow.png Import Currency Rate - Import Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mWindow.png Import Payroll Movement - Import Payroll Movement
Icon mWindow.png Import Jurnal GL - Import General Ledger Journals
Icon mWindow.png Import Pembayaran - Import Payments
Icon mProcess.png Load Bank Statement - Load Bank Statement
Icon mWindow.png Import Penyata Bank - Import Bank Statements
Icon mProcess.png Delete Import - Delete all data in Import Table
Icon mOpen.png Replication Data
Icon mWorkFlow.png Setup Replication - Setup of data replication
Icon mWindow.png Strategi Replikasi - Maintain Data Replication Strategy
Icon mWindow.png Export Format
Icon mProcess.png Export Format Generator - Create multiple Export Format based in a Window
Icon mProcess.png Test Export Model - Test Export of XML files
Icon mProcess.png Test Import Model - Test Import of XML files
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor
Icon mWindow.png Relation Type
Icon mWindow.png System Issue Report - Automatically created or manually entered System Issue Reports

Kamus Aplikasi

Icon mOpen.png Kamus Aplikasi' - Maintain Application Dictionary
Icon mWindow.png User Window - Define User Window Customization
Icon mOpen.png Application Packaging' - Import and export packaging
Icon mWindow.png PackOut - Create a package - Package build Application
Icon mWindow.png PackIn - Import a package - Imports a package
Icon mWindow.png Packages Installed - List of packages installed
Icon mWindow.png Package Maintenance - Package installation history and maintenance

Hubungan Partner

Icon mOpen.png Hubungan Partner' - Customer Relations and Partner Management
Icon mOpen.png Business Partner Rules
Icon mWorkFlow.png Business Partner Setup - Setup Business Partner Rules
Icon mWindow.png Kumpulan Rakan kongsi Niaga - Maintain Business Partner Groups
Icon mWindow.png Greeting - Maintain Greetings
Icon mWindow.png Terma Pembayaran - Maintain Payment Terms
Icon mWindow.png Jadual Invois - Maintain Invoicing Schedule
Icon mWindow.png Hutang - Maintain Dunning Levels
Icon mWindow.png Rakan Niaga - Maintain Business Partners
Icon mWindow.png Info Partner Bisnis - Document Information of Business Partners
Icon mReport.png Business Partner Detail - Business Partner Detail Report
Icon mReport.png Buka Partner Bisnis - Business Partner Open Amount
Icon mProcess.png Validasi Partner Bisnis - Check data consistency of Business Partner
Icon mProcess.png Organisasi Partner Bisnis - Set and verify Organization ownership of Business Partners
Icon mWindow.png Pengenalpastian Pendapatan - Revenue Recognition Rules
Icon mProcess.png UnLink Business Partner Org - UnLink Business Partner from an Organization
Icon mWindow.png Posisi - Maintain Job Positions
Icon mWindow.png Kategori Posisi - Maintain Job Position Categories
Icon mOpen.png Servis' - Service Management
Icon mWindow.png Sumber - Maintain Resources
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Waktu - Maintain Time Recording Type
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Perbelanjaan - Maintain Expense Report Types
Icon mWindow.png Laporan Perbelanjaan - Time and Expense Report
Icon mWindow.png Expenses (to be invoiced) - View expenses and charges not invoiced to customers
Icon mProcess.png Create Sales Orders from Expense - Create Sales Orders for Customers from Expense Reports
Icon mWindow.png Expenses (not reimbursed) - View expenses and charges not reimbursed
Icon mProcess.png Create AP Expense Invoices - Create AP Invoices from Expenses to be paid to employees
Icon mOpen.png Permintaan
Icon mWorkFlow.png Request Setup - Set up the client to process requests
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Permintaan - Maintain Request Types
Icon mWindow.png Request Group - Maintain Request Group
Icon mWindow.png Request Category - Maintain Request Category
Icon mWindow.png Request Resolution - Maintain Request Resolutions
Icon mWindow.png Request Status - Maintain Request Status
Icon mWindow.png Request Standard Response - Maintain Request Standard Response
Icon mWindow.png Permintaan (semuanya) - View and work on all requests
Icon mProcess.png Invoice Requests - Create Invoice for Requests
Icon mProcess.png Reopen Request - Reopen closed requests
Icon mWindow.png Kawasan Faedah - Interest Area or Topic
Icon mWindow.png Permintaan - Work on your requests
Icon mWindow.png Agent Info - Company Agent (Sales Rep) Information
Icon mWindow.png Mel Template - Maintain Mail Template
Icon mProcess.png Send Mail Text - Send EMails to active subscribers of an Interest Area OR a Business Partner Group from a selected User


Icon mOpen.png Penawaran-ke-Invoice
Icon mOpen.png Penjualan dan Pemasaran
Icon mWorkFlow.png Sales Setup - Setup Sales
Icon mWindow.png Kawasan Jualan - Maintain Sales Regions
Icon mWindow.png Komisen - Maintain Commissions and Royalties
Icon mWindow.png Komisen Run - Check and modify Commissions
Icon mReport.png RV_CommissionRunDetail - Commission Run Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png Kanal Pemasaran - Maintain Marketing Channels
Icon mWindow.png Kampanye Pemasaran - Maintain Marketing Campaigns
Icon mWindow.png Order Source
Icon mWindow.png POS Tender Type
Icon mOpen.png Order-Order Penjualan
Icon mWindow.png Order Penjualan - Enter and change sales orders
Icon mReport.png Order Detail - Order Detail Report
Icon mReport.png Outstanding Orders - Open Order Report
Icon mReport.png Transaksi Order - Sales Order Transaction Report
Icon mProcess.png Quote convert - Convert open Proposal or Quotation to Order
Icon mProcess.png RePrice Order/Invoice - Recalculate the price based on the latest price list version of an open order or invoice
Icon mProcess.png Generate PO from Sales Order - Create Purchase Order from Sales Orders
Icon mProcess.png Buka Kembali Order - Buka kembali order yang telah ditutup/terselesaikan
Icon mProcess.png Order Batch Process - Process Orders in Batch
Icon mWindow.png Kunci POS Layout - POS Function Key Layout
Icon mProcess.png POS Key Generate - Generate POS Keys from products.
Icon mWindow.png Terminal POS - Maintain your Point of Sales Terminal
Icon mWindow.png POS - Menunjukkan Pangkalan Jualan-jualan
Icon mWindow.png POS Payment
Icon mOpen.png Pengiriman-Pengiriman
Icon mWindow.png Menghasilkan Penghantaran (manual) - Memilih dan menghasilkan penghantaran
Icon mProcess.png Buat Pengiriman (otomatis) - Generate and print Shipments from open Orders
Icon mWindow.png Pengiriman (Pelanggan) - Customer Inventory Shipments Customer Returns
Icon mReport.png Shipment Details - Shipment Detail Information
Icon mWindow.png Pakej - Manage Shipment Packages
Icon mOpen.png Invoice Penjualan
Icon mWindow.png Hasilkan invois (manual) - Memilih dan menghasilkan invois
Icon mProcess.png Buat Invoice (otomatis) - Generate and print Invoices from open Orders
Icon mWindow.png Invoice (Pelanggan) - Customer Invoice Entry
Icon mWindow.png Jadual Pembayaran Invois - Maintain Invoice Payment Schedule
Icon mProcess.png Cetak Invoice - Print Invoices to paper or send PDF
Icon mOpen.png Invoice Inquiry
Icon mReport.png Invoice Transactions (Acct) - Invoice Transactions by Accounting Date
Icon mReport.png Invoice Transactions (Doc) - Invoice Transactions by Invoice Date
Icon mReport.png Invoice Detail & Margin - Invoice (Line) Detail and Margin Report
Icon mReport.png Invoice Harian - Invoice Report per Day
Icon mReport.png Invoice Mingguan - Invoice Report per Week
Icon mReport.png Invoice Mingguan Per Produk - Invoice Report by Product Category per Week
Icon mReport.png Invoice Bulanan - Invoice Report per Month
Icon mReport.png Invoice Bulanan Per Product - Invoice Report by Product Category per Month
Icon mReport.png Invoice Bulanan Per Vendor - Invoice Report by Product Vendor per Month
Icon mReport.png Monthly Invoice Product - Invoice Report by Product per Month
Icon mReport.png Quarterly Invoice Customer by Vendor - Invoice Report by Customer and Product Vendor per Quarter
Icon mReport.png Quarterly Invoice Customer by Product - Invoice Report by Customer and Product Category per Quarter
Icon mReport.png Quarter Invoice Product - Invoice Report by Product per Quarter


Icon mOpen.png Permintaan-ke-Invoice
Icon mWindow.png Topik RfQ - Maintain RfQ Topics and Subscribers
Icon mWindow.png RfQ - Manage Request for Quotations
Icon mWindow.png Respon RfQ - Manage RfQ Responses
Icon mReport.png RfQ Unanswered - Outstanding RfQ Responses
Icon mReport.png Respon RfQ - Detail RfQ Responses
Icon mWindow.png Menuntut - Material Requisition
Icon mProcess.png Create PO from Requisition - Create Purchase Orders from Requisitions
Icon mReport.png Open Requisitions - Detail Open Requisition Information
Icon mWindow.png Pembelian Tempahan - Manage Purchase Orders
Icon mWindow.png Penerimaan Material - Vendor Shipments (Receipts)
Icon mReport.png Material Receipt Details - Material Receipt Detail Information
Icon mWindow.png Invoice (Supplier) - Vendor Invoice Entry
Icon mWindow.png Batch Invois - Expense Invoice Batch
Icon mWindow.png PO-Receipt-Invoice Yang Sepadan - Padanan pesanan-pesanan Pembelian, Resit, Invois-invois Penjual
Icon mWindow.png Pesanan Pembelian Yang Sudah Dicocokkan - View Matched Purchase Orders
Icon mWindow.png Invoice Yang Telah Dicocokkkan - View Matched Invoices


Icon mOpen.png Pulangan
Icon mWindow.png Jenis RMA - Return Material Authorization Type
Icon mWindow.png Customer Return - Customer Return (Receipts)
Icon mWindow.png Customer RMA - Manage Return Material Authorization
Icon mWindow.png Vendor RMA - Manage Return Material Authorization
Icon mWindow.png Return to Vendor - Pulangan Penjual

Outstanding Items

Icon mOpen.png Outstanding Items
Icon mReport.png Faktur Pajak - Invoice Tax Reconciliation
Icon mReport.png Outstanding Items - Open Item (Invoice) List
Icon mReport.png Aging - Aging Report
Icon mReport.png Invoice Not Realized Gain/Loss - Invoice Not Realized Gain & Loss Report
Icon mWindow.png Proses Penagihan - Manage Dunning Runs
Icon mWindow.png Pembayaran - Process Payments and Receipts
Icon mReport.png Detil Pembayaran - Payment Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png Peruntukan Pembayaran - Memperuntukkan invois dan pembayaran
Icon mWindow.png Lihat Alokasi - View and Reverse Allocations
Icon mReport.png Peruntukan - Payment - Invoice - Allocation
Icon mReport.png UnAllocated Invoices - Invoices not allocated to Payments
Icon mReport.png UnAllocated Payments - Payments not allocated to Invoices
Icon mProcess.png Reset Allocation - Reset (delete) allocation of invoices to payments
Icon mProcess.png Receivables Write-Off - Write off open receivables
Icon mWindow.png Pemilihan Pembayaran - Select Invoices for Payment
Icon mWindow.png Pemilihan Pembayaran (manual) - Pemilihan Pembayaran Manual
Icon mWindow.png Cetakan Pembayaran / Mengeksport - Cetak atau mengeksport bayaran
Icon mWindow.png Batch Pembayaran - Process Payment Patches for EFT
Icon mWindow.png Penyata Bank - Process Bank Statements
Icon mReport.png UnReconciled Payments - Payments not reconciled with Bank Statement
Icon mWindow.png Cash Plan
Icon mReport.png Cash Flow Report
Icon mProcess.png Bank Transfer - Bank Transfer let money tranfer between Banks

Manajemen Material

Icon mOpen.png Manajemen Material
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Manajemen Material
Icon mWorkFlow.png Product Setup - Set up Products
Icon mWindow.png Gudang & Lokasi Pencarian - Maintain Warehouses and Locators
Icon mProcess.png Organisasi Gudang - Set and verify Organization ownership of Warehouse
Icon mWindow.png Unit of Measure - Maintain Unit of Measure
Icon mWindow.png Kategori Produk - Maintain Product Categories
Icon mWindow.png Detil Supplier - Maintain Vendor Details
Icon mReport.png Seleksi Vendor - Products with more than one vendor
Icon mWindow.png Kategori Penghantaran - Maintain Freight Categories
Icon mWindow.png Produk - Maintain Products
Icon mProcess.png Organisasi Produk - Set and verify Organization ownership of Products
Icon mWorkFlow.png Price List Setup - Define your Price Lists and Discounts
Icon mWindow.png Skema Daftar Harga - Maintain Price List Schema
Icon mWindow.png Senarai Harga - Maintain Product Price Lists
Icon mWindow.png Skema Diskaun - Maintain Trade Discount Schema
Icon mWindow.png Penghantar - Maintain Shippers
Icon mProcess.png Verify BOMs - Verify BOM Structures
Icon mWindow.png Promotion - Setup promotion rule
Icon mWindow.png Promotion Group - Grouping of product for promotion setup
Icon mOpen.png Product Attributes
Icon mWindow.png Kawalan Lot - Product Lot Control
Icon mWindow.png Kawalan No Siri - Product Serial Number Control
Icon mWindow.png Contoh - Contoh Produk
Icon mWindow.png Set Contoh - Maintain Product Attribute Set
Icon mWindow.png Ciri-ciri Set Contoh - View Attribute Set Instance detail and use
Icon mWindow.png Lot - Product Lot Definition
Icon mWindow.png Product Attribute Grid - Maintain Products with Attributes in a Table Grid
Icon mWindow.png Urusniaga-urusniaga Bahan - Urusniaga-urusniaga Bahan
Icon mReport.png Detil Transaksi - Transaction Detail Report
Icon mReport.png Nilai Transaksi Produk - Nilai Transaksi Produk
Icon mReport.png Rekap Transaksi Produk - Rekap Transaksi Produk
Icon mWindow.png Perubahan Inventori - Perubahan Inventori
Icon mWindow.png Physical Inventory - Enter Physical Inventory
Icon mWindow.png Persediaan Yang Digunakan Sendiri - Enter Internal Use of Inventory
Icon mReport.png Laporan Pengadaan Barang - Laporan Pengadaan Barang (dicocokkan dengan posisi stok akhir)
Icon mWindow.png Konfirmasi Pengiriman/Penerimaan - Material Shipment or Receipt Confirmation
Icon mReport.png Open Confirmations - Open Shipment or Receipt Confirmations
Icon mReport.png Open Confirmation Details - Open Shipment or Receipt Confirmation Details
Icon mReport.png Storage Detail - Storage Detail Report
Icon mReport.png Storage per Product
Icon mWindow.png Penurunan Senarai Bahan-bahan - Penurunan (mengembangkan) Senarai Bahan-bahan
Icon mProcess.png Storage Cleanup - Inventory Storage Cleanup
Icon mReport.png Laporan Nilai Persediaan - Laporan Nilai Persediaan
Icon mReport.png Material Reference - Material Transactions Cross Reference (used/resourced)

Manajemen Proyek

Icon mOpen.png Manajemen Proyek
Icon mWorkFlow.png Project Setup and Use - Setup of projects and project reporting
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Projek - Maintain Project Type and Phase
Icon mWindow.png Projek - Maintain Projects
Icon mWindow.png Proyek (Order) - Maintain Sales Order and Work Order Details
Icon mProcess.png Generate PO from Project - Generate PO from Project Line(s)
Icon mProcess.png Issue to Project - Issue Material to Project from Receipt or manual Inventory Location
Icon mReport.png Project Lines not Issued - Lists Project Lines of a Work Order or Asset Project, which are not issued to the Project
Icon mReport.png Project POs not Issued - Lists Project Lines with generated Purchase Orders of a Work Order or Asset Project, which are not issued to the Project
Icon mReport.png Project Margin (Work Order) - Work Order Project Lines (planned revenue) vs. Project Issues (costs)
Icon mWindow.png Laporan Proyek - Maintain Project Reporting Cycles
Icon mReport.png Project Cycle Report - Report Projects based on Project Cycle
Icon mReport.png Project Detail Accounting Report - Accounting Fact Details of Project

Analisa Performance

Icon mOpen.png Analisa Performance
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Akuntansi
Icon mWorkFlow.png Accounting Setup - Review and change Accounting Setup
Icon mWindow.png Kalender Tahunan Dan Periode - Maintain Calendars Years Periods
Icon mWindow.png Elemen Perakaunan - Maintain Account Elements
Icon mWindow.png Dimensi Account - Maintain Non-Account Dimension Trees
Icon mWindow.png Skema Perakaunan - Maintain Accounting Schema - For changes to become effective you must re-login
Icon mWindow.png Kombinasi Account - Maintain Valid Account Combinations
Icon mWindow.png Kategori GL - Maintain General Ledger Categories
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Matawang - Maintain Currency Conversion Rate Types
Icon mWindow.png Matawang - Maintain Currencies
Icon mWindow.png Rate Mata Uang - Maintain Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mWorkFlow.png Setup Pajak - Setup tax calculation
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Dokumen - Maintain Document Types
Icon mWindow.png Dokumen Kaunter - Maintain Counter Document Types
Icon mProcess.png Periksa Tipe Dokumen - Periksa Tipe Dokumen
Icon mWindow.png Jujukan Dokumen - Maintain System and Document Sequences
Icon mWindow.png Pengedaran GL - General Ledger Distribution
Icon mWindow.png Kategori Cukai - Maintain Tax Categories
Icon mWindow.png Rate Pajak - Maintain Taxes and their Rates
Icon mWindow.png Charge Type
Icon mWindow.png Caj - Maintain Charges
Icon mWindow.png Menghasilkan Kos - Menghasilkan caj-caj daripada akaun-akaun asal
Icon mWindow.png Activity (ABC) - Maintain Activities for Activity Based Costing
Icon mWindow.png GL Budget - Maintain General Ledger Budgets
Icon mProcess.png Resubmit Posting - Resubmit posting of documents with posting errors or locked documents
Icon mOpen.png Global Tax Management
Icon mWindow.png Tax Group - Tax Groups let you group the business partner with a reference tax.
Icon mWindow.png Tax Type - Tax Types let you group taxes together.
Icon mWindow.png Tax Base - Defines tax base for a tax
Icon mWindow.png Tax Rate Parent - Maintain Taxes and their Rates
Icon mWindow.png Tax Definition - Lets you define different tax combinations.
Icon mProcess.png C_Invoce Calculate Tax
Icon mWindow.png Dokumen yang Belum Di-posting - Unposted Documents
Icon mProcess.png Reset Accounting - Reset Accounting Entries ** Stop Accounting Server before starting **
Icon mProcess.png Client Accounting Processor - Client Accounting Processor
Icon mOpen.png Pelaporan Keuangan
Icon mWindow.png Report Line Set - Maintain Financial Report Line Sets
Icon mWindow.png Set Ruangan Laporan - Maintain Financial Report Column Sets
Icon mWindow.png Laporan Hierarki - Define Reporting Hierarchy
Icon mWindow.png Report Cube - Define reporting cube for pre-calculation of summary accounting data.
Icon mProcess.png Recalculate Cube - Recalculate summary facts based on report cube definitions.
Icon mWindow.png Laporan Kewangan - Maintain Financial Reports
Icon mReport.png Statement of Accounts - Report Account Statement Beginning Balance and Transactions
Icon mReport.png Neraca Percobaan - Trial Balance for a period or date range
Icon mOpen.png Performance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Amaran - Adempiere Alert
Icon mWorkFlow.png Performance Measurement Setup - Setup your Performance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Performance Color Schema - Maintain Performance Color Schema
Icon mWindow.png Performance Measure - Define your Performance Measures
Icon mWindow.png Performance Measure Calculation - Define how you calculate your performance measures
Icon mWindow.png Performance Ratio - Maintain Performance Ratios
Icon mWindow.png Prestasi Matlamat - Define Performance Goals
Icon mWindow.png Performance Benchmark - Performance Benchmark
Icon mWindow.png Penunjuk Prestasi - Pandangan Penunjuk Prestasi
Icon mOpen.png Costing
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Kos - Maintain Cost Types
Icon mWindow.png Elemen Kos - Maintain Product Cost Element
Icon mWindow.png Biaya Produk - Maintain Product Costs
Icon mProcess.png Create Costing Records - Create Costing Records
Icon mProcess.png Update Biaya Produk - Sets future cost price and standard cost price
Icon mReport.png Rekap Biaya Produk - Product Cost Summary Report
Icon mReport.png Biaya Produk - Product Cost Report
Icon mReport.png Detil Biaya Produk - Product Invoice Cost Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png GL Journal - Enter and change Manual Journal Entries
Icon mWindow.png Jurnal GL - Enter and change Manual Journal Entries
Icon mProcess.png Automatic account reconciliation - Reconcile account transactions according to standard rules
Icon mWindow.png Accounting Fact Reconcilation (manual)
Icon mReport.png Unreconciled accounting facts
Icon mWindow.png Fakta Akunting Detil - Query Accounting Facts
Icon mReport.png Fakta Akunting Detil - Accounting Fact Details Report
Icon mWindow.png Accounting Fact Balances - Query Accounting Daily Balances
Icon mReport.png Fakta Akunting Harian - Accounting Fact Details summarized by Accounting Date
Icon mWindow.png GL Journal Generator
Icon mReport.png Fakta Akunting Per Periode - Accounting Fact Details summarized by Accounting Period


Icon mOpen.png Manufacturing
Icon mWindow.png Quality Test
Icon mWindow.png Part Type - Manufacturing Part Types
Icon mWindow.png Parts and BOMs - Maintain Bill of Materials
Icon mProcess.png Validate BOM Flags - Validate BOM Flags
Icon mProcess.png Verify BOM Structure - Verify BOM for correctness
Icon mProcess.png Universal substitution - Substitute one product for another in all BOMs
Icon mWindow.png BOM Viewer - Shows the parent-component relationship for the product entered in the Product field.
Icon mReport.png Indented Bill of Material - Indented BOM report
Icon mReport.png Replenish Report incl. Production - Inventory Replenish Report
Icon mWindow.png Pengeluaran - Production based on Bill of Materials
Icon mWindow.png Production (Single Product)


Icon mOpen.png Harta
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets' - Applications to setup and maintain fixed assets
Icon mOpen.png Setup and Maintain' - Setup and maintain assets
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets Setup' - Setup and Maintain Fixed Assets
Icon mWindow.png Kumpulan Aset - Kelompok dari harta harta
Icon mWindow.png Aset - Asset used internally or by customers
Icon mProcess.png Inbound Charges for GL - Process invoice charges from GL
Icon mProcess.png Inbound Charges for AP - Process invoice charges from AP
Icon mReport.png Inbound Charge Entry Report - Used to review Assets Inbound Entry
Icon mWindow.png Inbound Asset Entry - Create Inbound Asset Entry
Icon mWindow.png Post Imported Assets - Import Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Setup' - Applications to setup and maintain depreciation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Methods - Depreciation Methods
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Calculation Method - Define Calculation Methods used in depreciation expense calculation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation First Year Conventions - Setup for depreciation Setups
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Period Spread Type - Period Spread Type
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Tables - Allows users to create multiple depreciation schedules
Icon mOpen.png Sedang diproses' - Process Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Processing' - Applications to Process Fixed Assets to the GL
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Forecast -
Icon mReport.png Asset Depreciation Forecast - Used to review Assets Forecast
Icon mWindow.png Post Depreciation Entry - Create Depreciation Entry
Icon mOpen.png Splits Transfers and Disposals' - Process Assets Splits Transfers and Disposals
Icon mWindow.png Asset Split - Split Assets Process
Icon mReport.png Asset Split Entry - Used to review Assets Split Entry
Icon mWindow.png Split Asset Entry - Create Split Asset Entries
Icon mWindow.png Asset Transfers - Process transfers of assets
Icon mReport.png Asset Transfer Entry - Used to review Assets Transfered Entry
Icon mWindow.png Transfer Asset Entry - Create Transfer Asset Entry
Icon mWindow.png Asset Disposal - Dispose of Assets
Icon mReport.png Asset Disposal Expense Entry Rpt - Used to review Assets Disposed Entry
Icon mWindow.png Disposed Asset Entry - Create Disposed Asset Entry
Icon mOpen.png Asset Revaluation' - Process Asset Revaluations
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Processing - Process Revaluation of Assets
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Index - Set the Revaluate Assets Index or Factors
Icon mOpen.png Melaporkan' - Reporting for fixed assets
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Parent_Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Group_Defaults - Lists Asset Group Settings & Defaults
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Table
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Convention_Rpt - Asset Convention Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Calculation_Methods - List Depreciation Calculation Methods Available
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Depreciation_Method - List Depreciation Methods
Icon mReport.png Spread Report
Icon mOpen.png Customer Service' - Customer Related Assets
Icon mWindow.png Pendaftaran - User Asset Registration
Icon mWindow.png Registration Attributes - Asset Registration Attributes
Icon mReport.png Asset Delivery Month - Report Asset Deliveries Summary per month
Icon mReport.png Detail Pengiriman Harta - Report Asset Deliveries Details
Icon mReport.png Customer Assets - Report Customer Assets with Delivery Count
Icon mProcess.png Deliver Assets - Deliver Customer Assets electronically