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tetingkap: Pokok

Huraian: Maintain Tree definition

Bantuan: The Tree Window defines the descriptors and images that will be used when a Tree is displayed.

TAB: Pokok

Huraian: Pokok

Bantuan The Tree Tab defines a Tree which will be displayed.

Fail:Pokok - Pokok - tetingkap (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Nama Nama Huraian Bantuan spesifikasi
Client Klien Klien/Pengguna untuk terjemahan ini Klien/Penghuni adalah syarikat atau pihak yang sah. Anda tidak boleh berkongsi maklumat antara Klien. Penghuni adalah sama erti dengan Klien. AD_Client_ID
numeric(10) NOT NULL
Table Direct
Organization Organisasi Organizational entity within client Organisasi adalah unit pelanggan atau entiti sah - contonnya kedai, Jabatan. Data boleh dikongsi antara organisasi. AD_Org_ID
numeric(10) NOT NULL
Table Direct
Name Nama Alphanumeric identifier of the entity The name of an entity (record) is used as an default search option in addition to the search key. The name is up to 60 characters in length. Name
character varying(60) NOT NULL
Description Perihal Optional short description of the record A description is limited to 255 characters. Description
character varying(255)
Active Aktif The record is active in the system There are two methods of making records unavailable in the system: One is to delete the record, the other is to de-activate the record. A de-activated record is not available for selection, but available for reports.

There are two reasons for de-activating and not deleting records: (1) The system requires the record for audit purposes. (2) The record is referenced by other records. E.g., you cannot delete a Business Partner, if there are invoices for this partner record existing. You de-activate the Business Partner and prevent that this record is used for future entries.

character(1) NOT NULL
Area Kawasan Element this tree is built on (i.e Product, Business Partner) The Tree Type / Area field determines the type of tree this is. For example, you may define one tree for your Products and another tree for your Business Partners. TreeType
character(2) NOT NULL
All Nodes All Nodes All Nodes are included (Complete Tree) If selected, all Nodes must be in the tree. IsAllNodes
character(1) NOT NULL
Default Biasa (asal) Default value The Default Checkbox indicates if this record will be used as a default value. IsDefault
character(1) NOT NULL
Verify Tree Verify Tree Verify completeness and correctness of Tree null Processing

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