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Note.gif Note:
  • If you want to try a function of ZK Window X, please install JPiere version3.1 or more version.
  • Installation of JPiere is same as installation of iDempiere basically.
  • So, it is easiest way for the people who already installed iDempiere.
  • If you install JPiere, you can try ZK Window X soon.
  • Ref: Installation of JPiere


  • ZK Window X was named by Red1.
  • ZK Window X is comprised of four plugins of the next
    • ZK Window X1:columns within a column (Multi‐Line Column Window / Form Window)
    • ZK Window X2:rows within a row (Matrix Window)
    • ZK Window X3:Simple Input Window
    • ZK Window X4:Pivot Window
  • Fully plugin with own metadata without impacting core.

Note.gif Note:

Please do not misunderstand, JPiere respect standard window of iDempiere very much. On the other hand, JPiere want to show, it is possible to change window engine from standard window engine to other window engine that you developed without impact core of iDempiere. It widens possibility of iDempiere that we can change Window engine without impact core.

ZK Window X1:Columns within a column (I call this plugin Multi‐Line Column Window or Form Window)


ZK Window X2:Rows within a row (I call this plugin Matrix Window)

About Matrix Window

  • ZK Window X2 introduces more rows within a row(I call this plugin Matrix Window)
  • Matrix Window can create a denormalization window from normalization table.
  • Matrix Window can create by parameter setting only.



ZK Window X3:Simple Input Window

About Simple Input Window

  • The purpose of Simple Input Window is to input data easy and quickly.
  • Simple Input Window can edit only one tab of standard window. In stead of that, Simple Input Window can input data easy and quickly, and can operate like a spreadsheet.


ZK Window X4:Pivot Window

Note.gif Note:

Pivot Window use library of ZK Pivottable that is Commercial License(you can use 60 day free evaluation As of June, 2017). Please confirm ZK license before using Pivot Window.

About Pivot Window

  • Pivot Window can create Pivot Table that is like a MS Excel function in iDempiere.



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