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Note.gif Note:
  • If you want to try a function of ZK Window X, please install JPiere version3.1 or more version.
  • Installation of JPiere is same as installation of iDempiere basically.
  • So, it is easiest way for the people who already installed iDempiere.
  • If you install JPiere, you can try ZK Window X soon.
  • Ref: Installation of JPiere

About Matrix Window

  • ZK Window X2 introduces more rows within a row(I call this plugin Matrix Window)
  • Matrix Window can create a denormalization window from normalization table.
  • Matrix Window can create by parameter setting only.



Basic operations

Constitutions of Matrix Window


Keyboard operation

  • Cursor that Edit Fields Area of matrix Window can move horizontally by Tab key and can move vertically by Enter key.


Preparations in advance

Pack in 2Pack.zip under META-INF folder(Derectory)

WindowX2 2.png

2Pack restore "Matrix Window Configuration" Menu and window,table and so on.

Please set "Matrix Window Configuration" at System Client

Note.gif Note:
  • Appropriate unique constraint is necessary.
  • Best unique constraint is Matrix Column key,Matrix Row Key,Mandatory Search Field.
  • Please create unique index at table index tab of Table & Column window.

Matrix Window Configuration

Overview of Matrix Window Configurations

Window of Matrix Window Configurations is comprised of Matrix Window tab and Edit Field tab, Search Field tab. OverviewOfMatrixWindowConfigurations.png

Note.gif Note:
  • You must create normal window in advance. Matrix window is need the window setting.
  • Table that is setting a tab must have “Table name + _ID" Column. And the reference(Display Type) of the column need to "ID"

Matrix Window – Matrix Window tab

WindowX2 3.png

  • Window…Select Window.
  • Tab…Select Tab in Window that you want to create Matrix Window.If tab is read only, Matrix Window become a read only window.
  • Page Size…Set Page Size
  • Column key Field… Select field to be key column.
  • Row Key Field…Select field to be key row.
  • Length…Display Length of Field that is Matrix Row Key
  • Quick Entry Window…Select Window that is setting quick Entry Window.
  • Quick Entry Window conf…For continuous input,

・01:Column info only/02:Row info Only/03:Column and Row info

Note.gif Note:

About the SQL that a matrix window engine makes dynamically Matrix Window is created by Matrix Window Engine from parameter setting only. Matrix Window Engine create SQL dynamically. It is important for using Matrix Window to know how to create SQL dynamically by Matrix Window Engine.

  • ”Main Table” is table that is setting tab field at the Matrix Window tab. ※”Main Table” is table that described right after “From Clause of SQL”.
  • The SQL that a matrix window engine makes dynamically does not use “SQL alias”. This is important for setting the ”SQL JOIN” field and ”SQL WHERE” field.
  • Field of ”SQL JOIN” can describe “JOIN”. When you describe it, please do not use JOIN that the data of a main table repeat.
  • Field of ”SQL WHERE” can describe SQL that is filtering condition to display data in Matrix Window. Do not use “SQL alias”.

Matrix Window – Matrix Window Field tab

WindowX2 4.png

Select Fields that you want to update.

  • Sequence…Field display order. Ascending.
  • Field…Edit Field in Matrix Window.
  • Length…width of Column. 0 is better because of min width.
  • Calculate Sum(Σ)…Summarize Value and display it column. Display Type of Number、Qauntity、Amount、CostPrice、Integer are valid.

Matrix Window – Matrix Window Search Field tab

WindowX2 5.png

Select Search Fields

  • Sequence…Search Field display order.Ascending.
  • Tab…Select a Tab that have “Search Field”. You must select a Tab that correspond to “Main Table” or table of describe “SQL JOIN” Field.
  • Field…Search Field.
  • Mandatory…Mandatory Search Field or not.
  • Default Logic…Default Logic for search field initial Value.
  • XPosition…search field position.
  • Column Span…search field width. 2 is better.

Control of Sort Column and Row

  • When reference of Matrix Column Key field is “Table” or “Search”, Sql ORDER By” at Table validation is applied.
  • In case of the other, Value of Matrix Column key field in ascending order.
  • When reference of Matrix Row Key field is “Table” or “Search”, Sql ORDER By” at Table validation is applied.
  • In case of the other, Value of Matrix Row key field in ascending order.

Create Form and Classname set "jpiere.plugin.matrixwindow.form."+"Value(Search key) of Matrix Window"

You must set Form to use Matrix Window after configurations of Matrix Window. And Please assign it to a menu. WindowX2 6.png

And Please assign it to a menu.

Callout of Matrix Window

Matrix window callout

  • IMatrixWindowCalloutFactory
  • IMatrixWindowCallout

Please refer to sample code:

  • jpiere.plugin.matrixwindow.callout.MatrixWindowSampleCallout
  • jpiere.plugin.matrixwindow.factory.DefaultMatrixWindowCalloutFactory
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