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Overview of JPiere

  • JPiere is “Japan + iDempiere”.
  • JPiere is Plugins of iDempiere for Japan and JPiere is Distribution(Distro) of iDempiere for Japan.
  • JPiere provides not only Japanese business practice, but also various functions.So, Everybody in the world can use JPiere.
  • JPiere can update latest iDempiere. So, JPiere don’t need fork from iDempiere. To fork from JPiere is Good idea! But not need fork from iDempiere!
  • Data base of JPiere is PostgreSQL only.
  • UI of JPiere is Web-UI only.

Note.gif Note:

Challenge of JPiere: When create production system, everyone forked from iDempiere(ADempiere/Compiere) usually . And maintained it themselves. But it is not so easy, because ERP is very big system and advancing technology is early. On the other hand, To fork from repository of community is to separate power of community. Challenge of JPiere is to create production system without doing fork from iDempiere. It reduce load of the maintenance, and can concentrate to community activity. JPiere hopes the prosperity of iDempiere community.

About JPiere


JPiere Plugins(JPPS)

JPiere Base Plugin(JPBP)

  • JPiere Base Plugin(JPBP) provides many function to support a Japanese business practice. JPBP is only one plugin.

JPiere Fragments(JPFS)

  • JPiere Fragments(JPFS) is plugin that is fragment of OSGi.

JPiere Configurations(JPCS)

  • JPiere Configurations(JPCS) customizes iDempiere only by parameter setting. 
  • We need many parameter setting at iDempiere. So, JPCS optimize parameter setting beforehand.
  • JPCS is not Plugin.JPCS is Dump File of PostgreSQL(Seed).

JPiere Modifications(JPMS)

  • JPiere Modifications(JPMS) is fragment of OSGi that impact core of iDempiere. If We have to modify core source code of iDempiere, We develop it as JPMS.
  • Technically, JPMS is to use Fragment of OSGi as Patch.

Installation of JPiere

  • Installation of JPiere is same as installation of iDempiere basically,
  • To make intelligible, Version number of JPiere is same as version number of iDempiere.

Version Information of JPiere

Release Note of JPiere3.1

  • Release Note of JPiere3.1.

Development environment establishment

  • How to establish of JPiere development environment.
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