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OSS ERP Solutions


  • Installation of JPiere is same as installation of iDempiere basically,

Version number of JPiere

  • JPiere is plugins of iDempiere.
  • To make intelligible, Version number of JPiere is same as version number of iDempiere.

System Requirements of JPiere3.1 Install package

OS:Windows 64bit, Linux 64bit

  • Install Package of JPiere3.1 is prepared 64bit Windows and Linux only.
  • If you want to other environment Install Package, please build yourself from Eclipse.

DB:PostgreSQL9.2, 9.3, 9.4

  • JDBC PostgreSQL Driver that is used by iDempiere is 9.4.
  • Damp file of JPiere3.1 is created by PostgreSQL9.2.


  • Please use Oracle Java8.

Download of JPiere3.1 Install Package


  • Please select install package (Window or Linux) and damp file of PostgreSQL(English or Japanese)


File Nmae Description Install package of 64bit Linux. Install package of 64bit Windows.
ExpDat-English.jar PostgreSQL Damp File that base language is English.
ExpDat-Japanese.jar PostgreSQL Damp File that base language is Japanese.

Demo Client and Login Use, Password, Role

Demo client of JPiere is "OSS ERP Solutions(OES)"

  • JPiere3.1 have a demo client that is "OSS ERP Solutions(OES)". Of course you can use "GardenWorld" too.
  • You can login "OSS ERP Solutions" client below mail address and password,role.

User and Password

  • Please replace from (at) to @.
Name Login mail address Password
SuperUser superuser(at) System
OES Admin admin(at) admin
user01 user01(at) password
user02 user02(at) password
user03 user03(at) password
user04 user04(at) password
user05 user05(at) password
user06 user06(at) password
user07 user07(at) password
user08 user08(at) password
user09 user09(at) password
user10 user10(at) password



  • You can select below role.
Role Menu Description
OES Admin Role Menu For Administrator
OES Power User Role JPiere Basic Menu For Power User
OES Training User Role JPiere Training Menu For trainning & Practice