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Note.gif Note:
  • If you want to try a function of ZK Window X, please install JPiere version3.1 or more version.
  • Installation of JPiere is same as installation of iDempiere basically.
  • So, it is easiest way for the people who already installed iDempiere.
  • If you install JPiere, you can try ZK Window X soon.
  • Ref: Installation of JPiere


Access to ZK Window X1(Form Window)

WindowX1 7.png


JPIERE-0139 01.png

  • Window…You must set window that is zoomed from other window.
  • Zoom Window…You must set window that is used by form window config.
  • Special Form…You can set form that is related zoom window. This field is memo information.

JPIERE-0139 02.png

  • showZoomWindow() Metod of org.adempiere.webui.desktop.DefaultDesktop that is OSGi fragment plugin( used as a patch convert AD_Window_ID.

Technical Informations

Table of Configurations

  • JP_FormWindowZoom
    • Refer:SQL-DDL directory in plugin project at GitHub repository.

Related Java Class

  • org.adempiere.webui.factory.IFormWindowZoomFactory
  • org.adempiere.webui.desktop.DefaultDesktop
    • This plugin is fragment of OSGi and use fragment as a patch.
    • Refer:showZoomWindow() Metod of org.adempiere.webui.desktop.DefaultDesktop Class in fragment plugin.

Version Information

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