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Note.gif Note:
  • If you want to try a function of ZK Window X, please install JPiere version3.1 or more version.
  • Installation of JPiere is same as installation of iDempiere basically.
  • So, it is easiest way for the people who already installed iDempiere.
  • If you install JPiere, you can try ZK Window X soon.
  • Ref: Installation of JPiere


  • ZK Window X1 introduces more columns within a column (I call this plugin Multi‐Line Column Window or Form Window)


WindowX1 2.png

WindowX1 3.png

WindowX1 7.png

Preparations in advance

  • Add Column JPAdditionalHeaderLine(Element Name:Additinal Header Line) to AD_Tab

WindowX1 4.png

if you want to 3 columns within a column,please set 2.

  • Please set "Same line" check box on at Field that you want to be same column.

WindowX1 5.png

I apologize to people that use Swing-UI beforehand.Because I do not use Swing-UI,"Same line" check box reuse for ZK Window X1.

  • Create Form and Classname set "jpiere.plugin.webui.formwindow."+"AD_Window_ID"

WindowX1 6.png

And Please assign it to a menu.


  • Invalidated Customize icon at tool bar.
  • Record can sort top column only.
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