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System Admin

Icon mOpen.png System Admin
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Umum
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Sistem - Aturan Sistem Yang Umum
Icon mWindow.png Sistem - System Definition
Icon mWorkFlow.png Language Setup - Setup a new Language of the system and translate elements
Icon mWindow.png Bahasa - Maintain Languages
Icon mWindow.png Terjemahan import / eksport - Mengimport Atau mengeksport Terjemahan Bahasa
Icon mWindow.png Periksa Terjemahan Sistem - Check System Language Translations
Icon mWindow.png Menu - Maintain Menu
Icon mWindow.png Pokok - Maintain Tree definition
Icon mWindow.png Penyelenggaraan Pokok - Mengekalkan Pokok-pokok
Icon mWindow.png Tugas - Maintain Tasks
Icon mWindow.png Sistem Warna - Maintain System Colors
Icon mWindow.png System Image - Maintain Images and Icons
Icon mWindow.png Pesan Error - Display Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Perhatian - View System Notices
Icon mWindow.png Wilayah Negara dan Kota - Maintain Countries Regions and Cities
Icon mWindow.png System Configurator
Icon mOpen.png Security -
Icon mWindow.png Password Rule
Icon mWindow.png Pengguna - Maintain Users of the system
Icon mWindow.png My Profile - My user information
Icon mWindow.png Reset Password - Reset Password
Icon mProcess.png Reset Locked Account - Reset Locked Account for User
Icon mWindow.png Peranan - Maintain User Responsibilities
Icon mProcess.png Role Access Update - Update the access rights of a role or roles of a client
Icon mProcess.png Copy Role - Copy Role
Icon mWindow.png Role Data Access - Maintain Data Access Rules
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button Restrict
Icon mWindow.png Akses Audit - Audit of Access to data or resources
Icon mWindow.png Session Audit - Audit of User Sessions
Icon mWindow.png Proses Audit - Audit process use
Icon mWindow.png Change Audit - Audit of data changes
Icon mWindow.png Mengarkibkan Penonton - Pandangan secara automatik dokumen-dokumen yang diarkibkan
Icon mProcess.png Convert passwords to hashes - Convert existing plain text/encrypted user passwords to one way hash
Icon mOpen.png Server - Adempiere Server Maintenance
Icon mWindow.png Penjadual - Maintain Schedule Processes and Logs
Icon mWindow.png Schedule - Times for the scheduler
Icon mWindow.png Amaran Prosesan - Maintain Alert Processor/Server Parameter and Logs
Icon mWindow.png House Keeping
Icon mProcess.png HouseKeeping
Icon mWindow.png Prosesan Aliran Kerja - Maintain Workflow Processor and Logs
Icon mWindow.png LDAP Server - LDAP Server to authenticate and authorize external systems based on Adempiere
Icon mOpen.png Aliran Kerja - Alur Kerja Adempiere
Icon mWindow.png Tanggungjawab Aliran kerja - Tanggungjawab Perlaksanaan Aliran Kerja
Icon mWindow.png Aliran Kerja - Maintain Workflow
Icon mWindow.png Pengarang aliran kerja - Sunting aliran kerja
Icon mWindow.png Aktivitas Alur Kerja (semuanya) - Monitor all Workflow activities
Icon mWindow.png Aktiviti-aktiviti aliran kerja - Aktiviti-aktiviti aliran kerja saya yang aktif
Icon mWindow.png Proses Aliran kerja - Monitor workflow processes
Icon mOpen.png Printing - Print Definition
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Kertas - Maintain Print Paper
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Warna - Maintain Print Color
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Font - Maintain Print Font
Icon mWindow.png Format Cetak Jadual - Define Report Table Format
Icon mWindow.png Format Cetak - Maintain Print Format
Icon mReport.png Print Format Detail - Print Format Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png Borang CetakPrint Form - Maintain Print Forms (Invoices, Checks, ..) used
Icon mWindow.png Pencetak Label - Maintain Label Printer Definition
Icon mWindow.png Cetak Label - Print Label Format
Icon mOpen.png Collaboration - Collaboration and Content Management
Icon mWindow.png Chat Type - Maintain Chat Types
Icon mWindow.png View Chat - View discussions / chats
Icon mWindow.png Ujian - Test Screen
Icon mWindow.png Versi java - Memaparkan versi sedia ada java VM
Icon mWindow.png Proses SQL - Proses Kenyataan SQL
Icon mWindow.png Eksport Pangkalan Data - Mengeksport (menyimpan) Pangkalan Data
Icon mWindow.png Pemindahan Pangkalan Data - Memindahkan Pangkalan Data
Icon mProcess.png Synchronize Terminology - Synchronize the terminology within the system.
Icon mProcess.png Recompile DB Objects - Recompile Database Objects
Icon mProcess.png Sequence Check - Check System and Document Sequences
Icon mProcess.png Enable Native Sequence - Enable Native Sequence
Icon mProcess.png UUID Generator
Icon mProcess.png Cache Reset - Reset Cache of the System ** Close all Windows before proceeding **
Icon mOpen.png Client Rules - Maintain Client Rules
Icon mProcess.png Initial Client Setup Process
Icon mWindow.png Klien - Maintain Clients/Tenants
Icon mWindow.png Entiti-entiti Bergabung - Bergabung Daripada Entiti ke Entiti - Memadamkan Daripada
Icon mWindow.png ASP Modules
Icon mOpen.png Organization Rules
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Organisasi - Maintain Organization Types
Icon mWindow.png Organisasi - Maintain Organizations
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Content Edit
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Preference
Icon mWindow.png Payment Processor
Icon mOpen.png Data - Maintain Data
Icon mOpen.png Utility
Icon mWindow.png Lampiran - Tangani Cantuman
Icon mWindow.png Lokasi - Maintain Location Address
Icon mWindow.png Keutamaan - Maintain System Client Org and User Preferences
Icon mOpen.png Impor Data
Icon mWindow.png Import Loader Format - Maintain Import Loader Formats
Icon mWindow.png Import Akaun - Import Natural Account Values
Icon mWindow.png Import Report Line Set - Import Report Line Sets
Icon mWindow.png Import Currency Rate - Import Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mProcess.png Delete Import - Delete all data in Import Table
Icon mOpen.png Replication Data
Icon mWorkFlow.png Setup Replication - Setup of data replication
Icon mWindow.png Strategi Replikasi - Maintain Data Replication Strategy
Icon mWindow.png Export Format
Icon mProcess.png Export Format Generator - Create multiple Export Format based in a Window
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor
Icon mWindow.png Relation Type
Icon mWindow.png System Issue Report - Automatically created or manually entered System Issue Reports

Kamus Aplikasi

Icon mOpen.png Kamus Aplikasi - Maintain Application Dictionary
Icon mWindow.png Search Definition - Define transactioncodes for the QuickSearch bar
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Entiti - Maintain System Entity Type
Icon mWindow.png Unsur - Maintain System Elements
Icon mWindow.png Table and Column - Maintain Tables and Columns
Icon mWindow.png Field Group - Define Field Group
Icon mWindow.png Window, Tab & Field - Maintain Windows, Tabs & Fields
Icon mWindow.png Info Window - Define Info and search/select Window
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button
Icon mWindow.png Borang - Borang Khas
Icon mWindow.png Rujukan - Maintain System References
Icon mWindow.png Aturan Validasi - Maintain dynamic Validation Rules for columns and fields
Icon mWindow.png Model Validator
Icon mWindow.png Pesanan - Maintain Information and Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Pandangan Laporan - Maintain Report Views
Icon mWindow.png Laporan & Proses - Maintain Reports & Processes
Icon mWindow.png Rule
Icon mWindow.png User Window - Define User Window Customization
Icon mWindow.png Migration Scripts
Icon mOpen.png Application Packaging - Import and export packaging
Icon mWindow.png PackOut - Create a package - Package build Application
Icon mWindow.png PackIn - Import a package - Imports a package
Icon mWindow.png Packages Installed - List of packages installed
Icon mWindow.png Package Maintenance - Package installation history and maintenance

Hubungan Partner

Icon mOpen.png Hubungan Partner - Customer Relations and Partner Management
Icon mOpen.png Permintaan
Icon mWorkFlow.png Request Setup - Set up the client to process requests
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Permintaan - Maintain Request Types
Icon mWindow.png Request Group - Maintain Request Group
Icon mWindow.png Request Category - Maintain Request Category
Icon mWindow.png Request Resolution - Maintain Request Resolutions
Icon mWindow.png Request Status - Maintain Request Status
Icon mWindow.png Request Standard Response - Maintain Request Standard Response
Icon mWindow.png Permintaan (semuanya) - View and work on all requests
Icon mWindow.png Permintaan - Work on your requests
Icon mWindow.png Agent Info - Company Agent (Sales Rep) Information
Icon mWindow.png Mel Template - Maintain Mail Template

Manajemen Material

Icon mOpen.png Manajemen Material
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Manajemen Material
Icon mWindow.png Unit of Measure - Maintain Unit of Measure

Analisa Performance

Icon mOpen.png Analisa Performance
Icon mOpen.png Aturan Akuntansi
Icon mWindow.png Dimensi Account - Maintain Non-Account Dimension Trees
Icon mWindow.png Jenis Matawang - Maintain Currency Conversion Rate Types
Icon mWindow.png Matawang - Maintain Currencies
Icon mWindow.png Rate Mata Uang - Maintain Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mProcess.png Periksa Tipe Dokumen - Periksa Tipe Dokumen
Icon mWindow.png Jujukan Dokumen - Maintain System and Document Sequences
Icon mOpen.png Pelaporan Keuangan
Icon mWindow.png Set Ruangan Laporan - Maintain Financial Report Column Sets
Icon mOpen.png Performance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Amaran - Adempiere Alert
Icon mWorkFlow.png Performance Measurement Setup - Setup your Performance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Performance Color Schema - Maintain Performance Color Schema
Icon mWindow.png Performance Measure - Define your Performance Measures
Icon mWindow.png Performance Measure Calculation - Define how you calculate your performance measures
Icon mWindow.png Prestasi Matlamat - Define Performance Goals
Icon mWindow.png Performance Benchmark - Performance Benchmark
Icon mWindow.png Penunjuk Prestasi - Pandangan Penunjuk Prestasi


Icon mOpen.png Harta
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets - Applications to setup and maintain fixed assets
Icon mOpen.png Setup and Maintain - Setup and maintain assets
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets Setup - Setup and Maintain Fixed Assets
Icon mReport.png Inbound Charge Entry Report - Used to review Assets Inbound Entry
Icon mWindow.png Inbound Asset Entry - Create Inbound Asset Entry
Icon mWindow.png Post Imported Assets - Import Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Setup - Applications to setup and maintain depreciation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Methods - Depreciation Methods
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Calculation Method - Define Calculation Methods used in depreciation expense calculation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation First Year Conventions - Setup for depreciation Setups
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Period Spread Type - Period Spread Type
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Tables - Allows users to create multiple depreciation schedules
Icon mOpen.png Sedang diproses - Process Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Processing - Applications to Process Fixed Assets to the GL
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Forecast
Icon mReport.png Asset Depreciation Forecast - Used to review Assets Forecast
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Workfile - Build Depreciation Expense File
Icon mReport.png Depreciation Expense Entry - Used to review Depreciation Expense Entry not yet booked
Icon mWindow.png Post Depreciation Entry - Create Depreciation Entry
Icon mOpen.png Splits Transfers and Disposals - Process Assets Splits Transfers and Disposals
Icon mReport.png Asset Split Entry - Used to review Assets Split Entry
Icon mWindow.png Split Asset Entry - Create Split Asset Entries
Icon mReport.png Asset Transfer Entry - Used to review Assets Transfered Entry
Icon mWindow.png Transfer Asset Entry - Create Transfer Asset Entry
Icon mReport.png Asset Disposal Expense Entry Rpt - Used to review Assets Disposed Entry
Icon mWindow.png Disposed Asset Entry - Create Disposed Asset Entry
Icon mOpen.png Asset Revaluation Process Asset Revaluations
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Processing - Process Revaluation of Assets
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Index - Set the Revaluate Assets Index or Factors
Icon mOpen.png Melaporkan - Reporting for fixed assets
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Parent_Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Group_Defaults - Lists Asset Group Settings & Defaults
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Table
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Convention_Rpt - Asset Convention Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Calculation_Methods - List Depreciation Calculation Methods Available
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Depreciation_Method - List Depreciation Methods
Icon mReport.png Spread Report