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Administração de Sistema

Icon mOpen.png Administração de Sistema
Icon mOpen.png Configuração
Icon mOpen.png Configurar Sistema - General System Rules
Icon mWindow.png Sistema - System Definition
Icon mWorkFlow.png Guia de abertura Idioma - Setup a new Language of the system and translate elements
Icon mWindow.png Idioma - Maintain Languages
Icon mWindow.png Importar/Exportar Tradução - Import or Export Language Translation
Icon mWindow.png Manutenção de Traduções - Check System Language Translations
Icon mWindow.png Menu - Maintain Menu
Icon mWindow.png Definir Estruturas - Maintain Tree definition
Icon mWindow.png Manutenção de Estruturas - Maintain Trees
Icon mWindow.png Tarefa - Maintain Tasks
Icon mWindow.png Sistema, Côr - Maintain System Colors
Icon mWindow.png Sistema, Imagem - Maintain Images and Icons
Icon mWindow.png Mensagem de Erro - Display Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Alertas - View System Notices
Icon mWindow.png Cidade, Região e País - Maintain Countries Regions and Cities
Icon mWindow.png System Configurator
Icon mOpen.png Segurança -
Icon mWindow.png Password Rule
Icon mWindow.png Utilizador - Maintain Users of the system
Icon mWindow.png My Profile - My user information
Icon mWindow.png Reset Password - Reset Password
Icon mProcess.png Reset Locked Account - Reset Locked Account for User
Icon mWindow.png Perfil - Maintain User Responsibilities
Icon mProcess.png Role Access Update - Update the access rights of a role or roles of a client
Icon mProcess.png Copy Role - Copy Role
Icon mWindow.png Perfil, Permissões - Maintain Data Access Rules
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button Restrict
Icon mWindow.png Access Audit - Audit of Access to data or resources
Icon mWindow.png Sessão - List of User Sessions
Icon mWindow.png Process Audit - Audit process use
Icon mWindow.png Registo Alterações - Log of data changes
Icon mWindow.png Archive Viewer - View automatically archived Documents
Icon mProcess.png Convert passwords to hashes - Convert existing plain text/encrypted user passwords to one way hash
Icon mOpen.png Servidor - Manutenção das rotinas (areas) de servidor (centrais) do Compiere
Icon mWindow.png Scheduler - Maintain Schedule Processes and Logs
Icon mWindow.png Schedule - Times for the scheduler
Icon mWindow.png Alert Processor - Maintain Alert Processor/Server Parameter and Logs
Icon mWindow.png House Keeping
Icon mProcess.png HouseKeeping
Icon mWindow.png Workflow Processor - Maintain Workflow Processor and Logs
Icon mWindow.png LDAP Server - LDAP Server to authenticate and authorize external systems based on Adempiere
Icon mOpen.png Workflow - Workflow Compiere
Icon mWindow.png Workflow, Responsável - Responsible for Workflow Execution
Icon mWindow.png Workflow - Maintain Workflow
Icon mWindow.png Workflow, Editor - Edit Workflows
Icon mWindow.png Workflow, Actividade - Monitor your active workflow activities
Icon mWindow.png Workflow, Actividades - My active workflow activities
Icon mWindow.png Workflow, Processar - Monitor workflow processes
Icon mOpen.png Configurar Impressão - Print Definition
Icon mWindow.png Impressão, papel - Maintain Print Paper
Icon mWindow.png Impressão, cores - Maintain Print Color
Icon mWindow.png Impressão, fonte - Maintain Print Font
Icon mWindow.png Impressão, formato em Tabela - Define Report Table Format
Icon mWindow.png Impressão, formato - Maintain Print Format
Icon mReport.png Print Format Detail - Print Format Detail Report
Icon mWindow.png Impressão, formulário - Maintain Print Forms (Invoices, Checks, ..) used
Icon mWindow.png Impressora Etiquetas - Maintain Label Printer Definition
Icon mWindow.png Impressão de Etiqueta - Print Label Format
Icon mOpen.png Collaboration - Collaboration and Content Management
Icon mWindow.png Chat Type - Maintain Chat Types
Icon mWindow.png View Chat - View discussions / chats
Icon mWindow.png Teste - Test Screen
Icon mWindow.png Versão JAVA - Displays the version of the default Java VM
Icon mWindow.png Executar SQL - Process SQL Statements
Icon mWindow.png Exportar Base de Dados - Export (save) the database
Icon mWindow.png Transferir Base de Dados - Transfer the database
Icon mProcess.png Sincronizar Terminologia - Synchronize the terminology within the system.
Icon mProcess.png Recompilar Objectos da BD - Recompile Database Objects
Icon mProcess.png Sequence Check - Check System and Document Sequences
Icon mProcess.png Enable Native Sequence - Enable Native Sequence
Icon mProcess.png UUID Generator
Icon mProcess.png Limpar Cache - Limpar Cache do Compiere ** deve fechar todas as Janelas(Windows) antes de prosseguir **
Icon mOpen.png Configurar Empresas - Maintain Client Rules
Icon mProcess.png Initial Client Setup Process
Icon mWindow.png Empresas - Maintain Clients
Icon mWindow.png Agregar Entidades - Merge From Entity to To Entity - Delete From
Icon mWindow.png ASP Modules
Icon mOpen.png Configurar Organismos
Icon mWindow.png Tipos de Organismo - Maintain Organization Types
Icon mWindow.png Organismos - Maintain Organizations
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Content Edit
Icon mWindow.png Dashboard Preference
Icon mWindow.png Payment Processor
Icon mOpen.png Dados - Maintain Data
Icon mOpen.png Utilitários
Icon mWindow.png Anexo - Maintain Attachments
Icon mWindow.png Localização - Maintain Location Address
Icon mWindow.png Preferências - Maintain System Client Org and User Preferences
Icon mOpen.png Importação Dados
Icon mWindow.png Carregar Importação - Maintain Import Loader Formats
Icon mWindow.png Importar Conta - Import Natural Account Values
Icon mWindow.png Importar configuração Linha Mapa - Import Report Line Sets
Icon mWindow.png Importar Câmbio - Import Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mProcess.png Apagar Importação - Delete all data in Import Table
Icon mOpen.png Replication Data
Icon mWorkFlow.png Setup Replication - Setup of data replication
Icon mWindow.png Estratégia Replicação - Maintain Data Replication Strategy
Icon mWindow.png Export Format
Icon mProcess.png Export Format Generator - Create multiple Export Format based in a Window
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Export Processor
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor Type
Icon mWindow.png Import Processor
Icon mWindow.png Relation Type
Icon mWindow.png System Issue Report - Automatically created or manually entered System Issue Reports


Icon mOpen.png Dicionário - Maintain Application Dictionary
Icon mWindow.png Search Definition - Define transactioncodes for the QuickSearch bar
Icon mWindow.png Entity Type - Maintain System Entity Type
Icon mWindow.png Elemento - Maintain Field Elements
Icon mWindow.png Tabela e Coluna - Maintain Tables and Columns
Icon mWindow.png Grupo de Campo - Define Field Group
Icon mWindow.png Janela, Separador & Campo - Maintain Windows, Tabs & Fields
Icon mWindow.png Info Window - Define Info and search/select Window
Icon mWindow.png ToolBar Button
Icon mWindow.png Formulários Especiais - Janelas especiais
Icon mWindow.png Indices de Referência - Maintain System References
Icon mWindow.png Regras Validação - Maintain dynamic Validation Rules for columns and fields
Icon mWindow.png Model Validator
Icon mWindow.png Mensagem - Maintain Information and Error Messages
Icon mWindow.png Views para Relatórios - Maintain Report Views
Icon mWindow.png Relatório & Processo - Maintain Reports & Processes
Icon mWindow.png Rule
Icon mWindow.png Janela Utilizador - Define User Window Customization
Icon mWindow.png Migration Scripts
Icon mOpen.png Application Packaging - Import and export packaging
Icon mWindow.png Pack Out - Create 2pack package
Icon mWindow.png Pack In - Imports a package
Icon mWindow.png Packages Installed - List of packages installed
Icon mWindow.png Package Maintenance - Package installation history and maintenance

Relacionamento com Parceiros

Icon mOpen.png Relacionamento com Parceiros - Customer Relations and Partner Management
Icon mOpen.png Request
Icon mWorkFlow.png Guia de abertura Tarefas - Set up the client to process requests
Icon mWindow.png Tipo Tarefa - Maintain Request Types
Icon mWindow.png Request Group - Maintain Request Group
Icon mWindow.png Request Category - Maintain Request Category
Icon mWindow.png Request Resolution - Maintain Request Resolutions
Icon mWindow.png Request Status - Maintain Request Status
Icon mWindow.png Request Standard Response - Maintain Request Standard Response
Icon mWindow.png Executar todas as Tarefas - View and work on all requests
Icon mWindow.png Tarefa - Work on your requests
Icon mWindow.png Info. Agente - Company Agent (Sales Rep) Information
Icon mWindow.png Modelo eMail - Maintain Mail Template

Gestão de Stocks

Icon mOpen.png Gestão de Stocks
Icon mOpen.png Normas Base de Stocks
Icon mWindow.png U/M - Maintain Unit of Measure

Financeira e Análise de Desempenho

Icon mOpen.png Financeira e Análise de Desempenho
Icon mOpen.png Contabilidade
Icon mWindow.png Dimensões Contabilísticas - Maintain Non-Account Dimension Trees
Icon mWindow.png Tipo Divisa - Maintain Currency Conversion Rate Types
Icon mWindow.png Divisa - Maintain Currencies
Icon mWindow.png Câmbio - Maintain Currency Conversion Rates
Icon mProcess.png Verificar Tipos Documento - Verify Document Types
Icon mWindow.png Numeração Documentos - Manutenção da Numeração de Documentos
Icon mOpen.png Relatórios Financeiros (reporting)
Icon mWindow.png Configurar Coluna Relatório - Maintain Financial Report Column Sets
Icon mOpen.png Desempenho
Icon mWindow.png Alerta - Compiere Alert
Icon mWorkFlow.png Guia de abertura Desempenho - Setup your Performance Measurement
Icon mWindow.png Performance Color Schema - Maintain Performance Color Schema
Icon mWindow.png Desempenho, Indicadores - Define your Performance Measures
Icon mWindow.png Desempenho, Cálculo Indicadores - Define how you calculate your performance measures
Icon mWindow.png Desempenho, Objectivos - Define Performance Goals
Icon mWindow.png Performance Benchmark - Performance Benchmark
Icon mWindow.png Performance Indicators - View Performance Indicators


Icon mOpen.png Imobilizado
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets - Applications to setup and maintain fixed assets
Icon mOpen.png Setup and Maintain - Setup and maintain assets
Icon mOpen.png Fixed Assets Setup - Setup and Maintain Fixed Assets
Icon mReport.png Inbound Charge Entry Report - Used to review Assets Inbound Entry
Icon mWindow.png Inbound Asset Entry - Create Inbound Asset Entry
Icon mWindow.png Post Imported Assets - Import Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Setup - Applications to setup and maintain depreciation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Methods - Depreciation Methods
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Calculation Method - Define Calculation Methods used in depreciation expense calculation
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation First Year Conventions - Setup for depreciation Setups
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Period Spread Type - Period Spread Type
Icon mWindow.png Depreciation Tables - Allows users to create multiple depreciation schedules
Icon mOpen.png Processing - Process Fixed Assets
Icon mOpen.png Depreciation Processing - Applications to Process Fixed Assets to the GL
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Forecast
Icon mReport.png Asset Depreciation Forecast - Used to review Assets Forecast
Icon mWindow.png Build Depreciation Workfile - Build Depreciation Expense File
Icon mReport.png Depreciation Expense Entry - Used to review Depreciation Expense Entry not yet booked
Icon mWindow.png Post Depreciation Entry - Create Depreciation Entry
Icon mOpen.png Splits Transfers and Disposals - Process Assets Splits Transfers and Disposals
Icon mReport.png Asset Split Entry - Used to review Assets Split Entry
Icon mWindow.png Split Asset Entry - Create Split Asset Entries
Icon mReport.png Asset Transfer Entry - Used to review Assets Transfered Entry
Icon mWindow.png Transfer Asset Entry - Create Transfer Asset Entry
Icon mReport.png Asset Disposal Expense Entry Rpt - Used to review Assets Disposed Entry
Icon mWindow.png Disposed Asset Entry - Create Disposed Asset Entry
Icon mOpen.png Asset Revaluation Process Asset Revaluations
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Processing - Process Revaluation of Assets
Icon mWindow.png Asset Revaluation Index - Set the Revaluate Assets Index or Factors
Icon mOpen.png Reporting - Reporting for fixed assets
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Parent_Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Group_Defaults - Lists Asset Group Settings & Defaults
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Table
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Convention_Rpt - Asset Convention Report
Icon mReport.png RV_Depreciation_Calculation_Methods - List Depreciation Calculation Methods Available
Icon mReport.png RV_Asset_Depreciation_Method - List Depreciation Methods
Icon mReport.png Spread Report