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iDempiere 2019 Lyon


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  • October 31/November 1 (Thursday/Friday)
  • Paid Developer Workshop next week after the conference (November 4-6)


iDempiere conference: Hotel Radisson Blu, Lyon, France

iDempiere workshop: Chateau Chapeau Cornu, Vignieu, France

Attending Conference

  1. Alain Ranvier, Adapte Mon Web, France
  2. Carlos Ruiz, Colombia
  3. Diego Ruiz, BX Service GmbH, Colombia
  4. Thomas Bayen, BX Service GmbH & Jakob Bayen KG, Germany
  5. Layda Salas, BX Service GmbH, Colombia
  6. Murilo H. Torquato, devCoffee Business Solutions, Brazil
  7. Tiago F. Ceridorio, devCoffee Business Solutions, Brazil
  8. Matheus E. Marcelino, devCoffee Business Solutions, Brazil
  9. Luis Amesty, AmerpSoft , Venezuela-España
  10. Ricardo Santana, Kenos Sistemas de Gestão Integrada, Brazil
  11. Hilário Fochi, Kenos Sistemas de Gestão Integrada, Brazil
  12. Hideaki Hagiwara, OSS ERP Solutions, Japan
  13. Sergey Polyarus, France
  14. Chuck Boecking, US
  15. Frank Wolff, DHBW-Mannheim, Germany
  16. Edilson Neto, LCR, Brazil
  17. Deepak Pansheriya, Logilite Technologies India
  18. Sawtell. Adam, Cara Inc, Australia
  19. Anton Fildan, fildan - projects e.U., Austria
  20. Nicolas Micoud, TGI, France
  21. Michael Powacht, CTO Zuellig Industrial, Thailand
  22. Dockx Laurent, Belgium
  23. Vandeloise Jonathan, Belgium
  24. Norbert Bede [1], Slovakia
  25. Ibrahim Shaame, Geneva, Switzerland
  26. Pedro Rozo, SmartJSP, Colombia.
  27. Erick Villamizar, Bucare, Venezuela.
  28. Edickson Martinez, Bucare, Venezuela.
  29. Ji Dong Joo, South Korea
  30. Julia Barg, UPalicha, CEO, Russia
  31. Eugene Barg, UPalicha, CFO, Russia
  32. Denis Kuznetsov, UPalicha, Russia
  33. Florian Bojack,Dieburg, Germany
  34. Petro Shepetko, Ukraine
  35. Fabio Canella Effecitech, Italy
  36. Matt Law, Cara Inc, Australia
  37. Steven Sackett, Adaxa Pty Ltd, Australia
  38. Paul Bowden, Adaxa Pty Ltd, Australia
  39. Marco Longo iDempiere Consulting srl Treviso Italy
  40. Andrea Bellotto iDempiere Consulting srl Treviso Italy
  41. Salvatore Nicolosi ERP OpenSource Italia, Italy
  42. Luca Marchino ERP OpenSource Italia, Italy
  43. Hervé Bernard, France
  44. Crispian Blackbourn
  45. Valéry Gaujard
  46. Igor Pojzl
  47. Marco Marchiori, Italy
  48. Shaun Melville, South Africa
  49. Ben Parker, Scotland
  50. Evan Sutherland, Scotland
  51. Pierre Ammoun
  52. Gaurav Sontakke


Thursday October 31

Talk Speaker
Welcome Speech Alain Ranvier
What’s new Carlos Ruiz
Window Customization and Print Format made easy with visual editors Murilo Habermann Torquato
Plugin: Print Format using docx as template Matheus Marcelino
Environment Management Chuck Boecking
iDempiere in University Education and Research Frank Wolff
How to communicate the iDempiere Architecture Frank Wolff
iDempiere Mapbox real-world example Thomas Bayen
BX community plugins (Mapbox+Omnisearch) Diego Ruiz
BI & Reporting: fast connect iDempiere to Metabase Murilo Habermann Torquato
Use Uipath (RPA) to automate Idempiere processes Alain Ranvier
Payroll Plugin Luis Amesty

Friday November 1

Talk Speaker
API REST WebStore Sergey Polyarus
iDempiere case study in Jakob Bayen Thomas Bayen
SmartRetail: IT Reference architecture for last generation of IT solutions for the Retail Industry based in a 100% Open Source stack : Idempiere 6.2+SmartPOS+Smartreplicator+SmartLoyalty+SmartOrder+SmartServer Pedro Rozo
Data anonymization for iDempiere development environments Murilo Habermann Torquato
iDempiere planning extensions Peter Shepetko
Integration with Local Devices through Native Messaging Tiago Ferreira
IONIC 4 as a mobile platform for iDempiere Norbert Bede
Document Management System Deepak Pansheriya
Marketing open source software projects Diego Ruiz
Extending M_Storage to Include All Material Transactions / Request Options Chuck Boecking
Roadmapping iDempiere Carlos Ruiz
Closing speech Alain Ranvier

Developer Workshop Plan

See 2019 Workshop for more information about the workshop agenda.


The fee for the conference is 108 €.

The workshop with Carlos Ruiz costs 900- € with accommodation and meals included.

Coordination Team

Evening and weekend events

Saturday, November 2: Private Guided tour of the old town of Lyon at 14h30.


The conference decided to build a Marketing Committee.

Conference materials

You can see the conference videos here:

Previous conferences

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