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== SmartJSP == We have been customizing & implementing Adempiere&Idempiere based solutions & projects since 2010.

We create real agile & specialized IT solutions (Cloud, Onsite & Mobile) integrating enterprise open source products for distributed environments applying best practices and Global open standards.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2004 and established its engineering base in Bogotá D.C,Colombia since 2009, we have executed integration projects successfully for Panama, Canada, United States, Ivory Coast, Spain and Colombia.

We perform advanced IT integration projects using service oriented architecture (SOA), OSGi and Java enterprise technology.

Vertical IT Solutions (Powered by Idempiere ERP)

Commercial, manufacturing & Retail: SmartERP & SmartPOS: Integrated ERP + POS : optimized for retail industries such as: restaurants and Pharmacies

Healthcare: SmartSalud: SmartERP : Integrated solution for health care centers (small – middle size) support health care registry, calendars, automated commission rules and all the basic integrations with ERP

Livestock farms : SmartGanadero:+ SmartERP + Integrated solutions for Livestock management including: health registry, meat and milk production, it includes reports, alarms, statistics and prospective tools

Agricultural: SmartAgro+: SmartERP. It manages Farm production from the first stage to the final delivery of the products, it includes labour, costs, etc.

Telecommunications: SmartComunicaciones: Integrated solutions for cellular resellers, call centers integrated to Claro (cellular company), it includes automatic billing services and 100% customized client model for cellular services.

Transportation: SmartVehiculos + SmartERP: Integrated solutions for Vehicle maintenance, workshops, service pumps with reports and alarms