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On the IDempiere_World_Conference_2019 the audience heard a talk of Diego Ruiz about the marketing of open source projects. He addresses several things that can or should be done to improve the project's marketing for different target groups to attract new contributors to the project.

The conference decided to build a committee to think more about this topic and create some proposals on how to improve some aspects of the work and the external representation of the project.

The following persons are official members of the committee:

Marketing Committee
Name Since
Carlos Ruiz Nov-1/2019
Diego Ruiz Nov-1/2019
Evgene Barg Nov-2/2019
Chuck Boecking Nov-1/2019
  • A member who does not attend 4 meetings in a row without previous notice will be removed from the committee (we all know you can get busy, just let us know that you will not join, so we do not wait for you).

The committee conducts periodical meetings, you can find complete transcripts of the meetings in Category:Marketing_Committee_Meetings

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