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Thanks for visiting Krefeld



  • September 3/4 (Thursday/Friday)
  • best practices for community plugins
  • Paid Developer Workshop next week after the conference at the Bischofstein Castle near Koblenz (september 7-11)


The conference is in Krefeld, Germany. As the location I booked the same room where we held the successful IDempiere World Conference 2013, Die Kulisse.

"Die Kulisse" is a big, nice restaurant that lies in opposite to the back entrance of the main train station of Krefeld. You can reach it easily per Train (Krefeld Hbf), per S-Bahn (City-Train) from Düsseldorf/Düsseldorf Airport (U76) or use the big parking site behind the "Fabrik Heeder" Theater.

The workshop is 170 kilometers away from Krefeld near Hatzenport (a small village near Koblenz) in the theBischofstein Castle. That is in the Moselle Valley which is one of the most lovely landscapes in germany (and not far away from the Deutsches Eck and the Middle Rhine Valley). This location allows at the same time to relax and to focus on our software. Most of us will sleep at the castle and be together for the evening to become acquainted with each other and share more knowledge and stories.

The castle is normally used as a youth hostel. You can see some of the rooms here.

Planned talks

There are 11 hours of talks and discussions during both conference days. We have a call for papers here:!topic/idempiere/l0wQxo-EUx8

Tentative schedule.png

Attending Conference

  1. Thomas Bayen, BX Service GmbH & Jakob Bayen KG, Germany
  2. Carlos Ruiz, Colombia
  3. Hans Riess, Germany
  4. Luis Amesty, Venezuela, España
  5. Chuck Boecking, Austin, TX, United States
  6. Henriette Baumann, Switzerland
  7. Gabriel F. Habermann, devCoffee, Brazil
  8. Murilo H. Torquato, devCoffee, Brazil
  9. Pedro Rozo, SmartJSP, Colombia
  10. Norbert Bede, MULTIMAGE, Slovakia
  11. Philippe Baumann, Switzerland
  12. Diego Ruiz, Bx Service GmbH, Germany, Colombia
  13. Peter Shepetko, Ukraine
  14. Dirk Niemeyer, Germany
  15. Jannis Edzards, Germany
  16. Eugene Barg, Russia
  17. Anton Fildan, Austria
  18. Deepak Pansheriya, India
  19. Daniel Tamm, Sweden
  20. Sergey Polyarus, Blue Water Parts, France
  21. Alain Ranvier, Blue Water Parts, France
  22. Hervé Bernard, Positiv Buildings (Pool Repair Center), France
  23. Ignacio Soriano, Capristo Automotive, Germany
  24. Longo Marco, Italy
  25. Tomáš Švikruha, MULTIMAGE, Slovakia
  26. Raouf Mazouz, France
  27. Hideaki Hagiwara , Japan
  28. Peter Springborn, Berlin, Germany
  29. Nils Kohlström, Sweden
  30. Shaun Melville - South Africa
  31. Honoré Tiako – Germany
  32. Mirko Trinajstić - BX Service GmbH, Germany
  33. Steven Sackett - Adaxa, Australia
  34. Lukas Nosalek, Czech Republic
  35. Michal Žilinčár, Zitec s.r.o., Slovakia
  36. Ladislav Nagy, Bigware, Slovakia
  37. Ismet Sener, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  38. Markus Bozem, Aschaffenburg, Germany
    • please add your name here if you plan to attend


Krefeld is about 20 km from the District Capital and fair location Düsseldorf (International Airport DUS), about 50km away from Cologne and 20km to the Netherland border. It is well equiped with Hotels of different categories. Ask me (Thomas Bayen) for help, I know many hotels through my business. Or just have a look at this list:

The conference location is direct to the Krefeld Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station). Next to it is the Ibis Hotel, which has small and cheap rooms:

The workshop/software training is not in Krefeld but about 170 km away at the Bischofstein Castle. Please contact Thomas Bayen for accomodation there. Most of us will sleep at the castle and be together for the evening to become acquainted with each other and share more knowledge and stories.

The castle is normally used as a youth hostel. You can see some of the rooms here. As an alternative we can help you book a bed in a nearby hotel (for example Winzerhof Gietzen).


    • please contact coordination team if you have interesting applications, plugins, visions and/or plans to present

Social Events

For the evening there is a big Dinner together with all conference participants. That will be in the same location as the conference (or outside if weather allows that).

There may be some social events for the weekend. When you come a long way to visit germany you might be interested to spend the weekend together with other community members. It may be we visit the Düsseldorf Altstadt or we repeat the famous community visit in the Jazzkeller Krefeld. These events are private organized and you are free to join. As this is of most interest for the workshop participants see iDempiere workshop 2015 and/or ask Thomas Bayen about that.

Developer Workshop Plan

See Workshop for more information about the workshop agenda.


The fee for the conference is 30 € for each day and 30 € for the evening event, that are all together 90,- € for the conference.

The weekend events are private organized. You can join us for free. It might be there is some entrance fee or beer to pay. ;-)

The user workshop and the developer workshop with Carlos Ruiz costs 1.000,- € per five days per person. Shorter bookings may be possible - depending on your interest. Please ask Carlos Ruiz or Thomas Bayen.

Coordination Team

Evening and weekend events

Events will be fixed if enough people are on the list. We have some possibilities like:

Previous conferences

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