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The iDempiere developer workshop 2015 takes place in the week after the iDempiere World Conference 2015 at September 7-11. It is organized by Carlos Ruiz and Thomas Bayen (BX Service GmbH) and takes place at the Bischofstein Castle near Hatzenport, Germany (about 170 km from the conference location). The workshop follows the successful IDempiere_Workshop_2014.


The workshop is 170 kilometers away from Krefeld near Hatzenport (a small village near Koblenz) in the Bischofstein Castle. That is in the Moselle Valley which is one of the most lovely landscapes in Germany (and not far away from the Deutsches Eck and the Middle Rhine Valley). This location allows at the same time to relax and to focus on our software.

Developer Workshop Plan

We haven't agreed a specific agenda for this - is more like to make a plan together with the participants. We have planned to do three days of technical/development workshop and two days of advanced functional.

The goal of the developer workshop is not just to "create a plugin", is not like a training, is more about to show harder, seldom used things and use new features. Some possible ideas are:

  • using and writing webservices
  • extending the mobile UI
  • working with workflows
  • best practices for community plugins
  • how to setup and keep updated your installation
  • security - steps to secure an installation

some more ideas from Chuck Boecking and themes we had not time to do in the conference may also fit into the workshop:

  • Manufacturing 101
  • Testing Multi-Phase Business Processes
  • Implementing graceful business logic
  • Reading vodes
  • Production iDempiere Installation 101
  • Product Attributes
  • Projects
  • Info Window in Actions
  • Quick Info
  • Customization 101
  • Kanban board - a friendlier way to interact with iDempiere
  • Accounting

But these are just ideas - the goal is that we define what we want to work on with the participants.

In 2014 we made a similar workshop, you can see a summary of what we talked and did (in only two days) here: IDempiere_Workshop_2014


  1. Carlos Ruiz, Colombia
  2. Thomas Bayen, BX Service GmbH & Jakob Bayen KG, Germany
  3. Diego Ruiz, Bx Service GmbH, Germany, Colombia
  4. Mirko Trinajstic, BX Service GmbH, Germany
  5. Marco Longo , iDempiere Italia - Consulnet Informatica , Italy
  6. Chuck Boecking, Austin, TX, United States
  7. Hideaki Hagiwara, Japan
  8. Sergey Polyarus, Blue Water Parts, France
  9. Alain Ranvier, Blue Water Parts, France
  10. Dirk Niemeyer, action 42 GmbH, Germany
  11. Anton Fildan, Austria
  12. Deepak Pansheriya, India
  13. Evan G. Sutherland, Scotland
  14. Norbert Bede, MULTIMAGE, Slovakia
  15. Tomáš Švikruha, MULTIMAGE, Slovakia
  16. Shaun Melville, South Africa


The user workshop and the developer workshop with Carlos Ruiz costs 1.000,- € per five days per person. Shorter bookings may be possible - depending on your interest. Please ask Carlos Ruiz or Thomas Bayen. Accommodation/Hotel is extra but there is an favorable arrangement at the castle.

Trainer for the Workshop

Developer Workshop

User/Functional Workshop (this workshop will probably not occur)

Coordination Team

Workshop transcript

I did a small transcript of the workshop at IDempiere workshop 2015/transcript.


The workshop/software training is not in Krefeld but about 170 km away at the Bischofstein Castle. Please contact Thomas Bayen for accommodation there. Most of us will sleep at the castle and be together for the evening to become acquainted with each other and share more knowledge and stories. The castle is normally used as a youth hostel. You can see some of the rooms here. As an alternative we can help you book a bed in a nearby hotel (for example Winzerhof Gietzen).

Weekend events

For the people that want to attend the workshop I organized a small sightseeing and entertainment programme. The weekend events are private organized. You can join us for free. It might be there is some entrance fee or beer to pay. ;-) You are free to join that or not. Please tell me early enough if you want to attend to make planning easier.

First weekend, 4th-6th

You have to book and pay your hotel by yourself. It is convenient to book your conference hotel until sunday.

Friday, September the 4th

Going out in Düsseldorf, visiting the famous party-quarter Altstadt, drink the local dark beer (Altbier) and the riverside.

Taking part here may cost 15-50 Euro, depending on your hunger and thirst.

Saturday, September the 5th

Local sightseeing in Krefeld (dependend on weather and participants wishes) Possible things to do are:

Taking part may cost 10-40 Euro including a visit in a restaurant (excluding shopping - Haha!)

In the evening we can go out in Krefeld, go to an italian restaurant and visit especially the Jazzkeller (that is where red1 created the unofficial Anthem of iDempiere in Karaoke)

Taking part may cost 15-50 Euro depending on your thirst.

Sunday, September the 6th

  • morning: After the Jazzkeller some of us will like to sleep a bit longer.
  • noon: Having lunch with the "iDempiere cookbook team" leaded by Deepak.
  • 16:00 After that we have to leave towards the castle (at about 16:00).
The way to the castle is 170km by car (2 hours). But it can also be reached by train. Please tell me if you have your own car or need our help to go there. The last part of the driving will be at the lovely moselle river.
  • 18:00 For the evening we are in an italian Pizzeria in Hatzenport (they have indian cooks and have also an indian menu) at about 18:00. This meal is included if you book the accommodation in the castle (40,- €/night).
  • 21:00 We will be at the castle at about 21:00 and take our rooms.

Monday, September the 7th

  • 07:30 Wake up Bell.
  • 09:00 We have breakfast at 9:00 in a Hotel Hatzenport (not in the castle). (Costs are included in the castle accommodation) That means we have to be at the cars at 8:40.
  • 10:00 Workshop starts at the castle.