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iDempiere 2023 Bahrain


Thanks for visiting Manama


  • February 22 & 23, 2023


iDempiere conference: Wyndham Grand Manama, Manama, Bahrain

Attending Conference

  1. Aishwarya Gore, India
  2. Anton Fildan, Fildan - projects e.U., Austria
  3. Anwar Parapparambil, Oman/India
  4. Brent Boecking, USA
  5. Carlos Ruiz, Colombia
  6. Chuck Boecking, USA
  7. Deepak Pansheriya, Logilite Technologies, India
  8. Diego Ruiz, BX Service GmbH, Colombia
  9. Edilson Neto, LCR, Brazil
  10. Evan Sutherland, Scotland
  11. Frank Wolff, DHBW-Mannheim, Germany
  12. Gaurav Sontakke, S-Piere, Bahrain
  13. Giorgio Stefanin, Italy
  14. Hassan El-Hadidy, Egypt.
  15. Henry Manas, Ramp IT Solutions, Philippines
  16. Manoj Kathar, India
  17. Mohammed Al Asfoor, Bahrain
  18. Nitinpal singh, Bahrain/India
  19. Norbert Bede, Cloudempiere, Slovakia
  20. Pedro Rozo, SmartJSP, Colombia.
  21. Prashanth Ranjalkar, Shreeyansh, India.
  22. Ricardo Santana, Kenos Sistemas de Gestão Integrada, Brazil
  23. Ross Thain, Scotland
  24. Steven Sackett, Adaxa Pty Ltd, Australia
  25. Subhashish Banerjee, Trinity, India
  26. Thomas Bayen, BX Service GmbH & Jakob Bayen KG, Germany


Wednesday February 22

Talk Speaker
Welcome Speech Gaurav Sontakke & Diego Ruiz
What’s new Carlos Ruiz
iDempiere UX changes and Vision Norbert Bede
Marketing Team - 4 years later Diego Ruiz
Using Ansible to install and maintain iDempiere server Ricardo Santana
Open Source - PostgreSQL - High Availability with BCP & DB Migrations help in drastic cost reduction Prashanth Ranjalkar
Smart 3PL and Logistics Industry in a Connected World Fueled by iDempiere Subhashish Banerjee
Document Status Validator Plugin Thomas Bayen
High Volume Transaction Processing (100K+ Invoices and 1.5M+ GL Entries Per Month) Chuck Boecking
Future of iDempiere Documentation (Open discussion) Frank Wolff & Chuck Boecking

Thursday February 23

Talk Speaker
Plugin vs Core (Open discussion) Steven Sackett & Carlos Ruiz
Streamlining Frontend Development with iDempiere REST API and Flutter: A Complete Use Case. Matheus Marcelino
iDempiere usage with HealthCare Brent Boecking
DMS - What's new Deepak Pansheriya
Building cyber-resilience for idempiere environment Aishwarya Gore
Smart-Integrator: A flexible idempiere plugin to generate streams of events Pedro Rozo
REST Showcase and how to secure a REST endpoint with an API Gateway Diego Ruiz & Carlos Ruiz
YAWN (Yet Another Wishlist Numbered) a.k.a. Roadmap Carlos Ruiz
Closing speech Gaurav Sontakke & Chuck Boecking


The fee for the conference was 150 USD.

Coordination Team

  • Gaurav Sontakke
  • Diego Ruiz

Evening and weekend events

February 22nd: Indoor Skydiving.

February 24th: Private Guided tour of Bahrain including breakfast and dinner.


The conference decided to build a Documentation Team.

Conference materials

You can see the conference videos here:
To be Added

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