Building iDempiere without Eclipse

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Table of Contents | Creating Installers from Eclipse | Building iDempiere without Eclipse

It is possible to build iDempiere without Eclipse, using maven.

Install maven

  • Install the prerequisite Maven
apt-get install maven

Clone iDempiere code

  • Clone the repository you downloaded on Download the Code step (you can also use your actual installation, but I prefer to clone it to avoid mixing environments)
cd $HOME/sources  # Or use the folder where you downloaded the idempiere project
hg clone idempiere testheadless

Materialize and build the project

  • Navigate to the folder
cd $HOME/sources/testheadless
  • Position in the branch you want to compile
# if building development (default) branch
hg update default

# if building release 6.2 branch
hg update release-6.2
  • Build
mvn verify -U
  • After this step the uncompressed servers can be found at:
# linux 64 bit version

# windows 64 bit version

You can compress those folders with your preferred compressor to use them as installers.

This tutorial is brought to you by Carlos Ruiz from GlobalQSS. Feel free to improve directly or suggest using the Discussion tab.