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Table of Contents | Install Development Prerequisites | Download the Code | Setting up Eclipse

Cloning iDempiere

iDempiere sources are hosted at Atlassian Bitbucket, you can download the complete project with:

cd $HOME/sources
hg clone

Please replace $HOME/sources with the folder where you wish to download the whole sources, at least 2 GB are required.

Tip: Zipped full repo

It is reported repeatedly that hg clone operation tends to fail because of bandwidth.

For your convenience iDempiere project provides a full zipped repo that you can download over slow lines, you can find it at sourceforge on this link

You just need to download, unzip the file, and then execute within the downloaded folder:

hg -v pull -u

Tip: Incremental clone

Alternatively, an script can be used to download on slow lines, you just need to download the script and execute on the folder you want to download:

Or, you can do it manually, note that mercurial doesn't support directly to do incremental clone, so the trick is to clone the first revision and then incrementally pull sets of revisions, for example:

hg clone -r 1
cd idempiere
hg pull -r 100 -u
hg pull -r 200 -u
hg pull -r 300 -u
hg pull -r 400 -u
hg pull -r 500 -u
... and so on until the actual revision of the repository

Local experimentation clone

Once you have downloaded the sources from bitbucket you can easily clone locally your downloaded repository (for example for experimentation purposes) with an instruction like this:

cd $HOME/sources
hg clone idempiere myexperiment

This way you could experiment with a local clone instead of the downloaded from bitbucket (in order to keep it pristine).

Set the working version

If you are going to work with iDempiere development version (actually > 6.2) please execute:

cd $HOME/sources/myexperiment
hg update default

If you are going to work with iDempiere version 6.2:

cd $HOME/sources/myexperiment
hg update release-6.2

Keeping up to date

When you want to synchronize your local clone with bitbucket again you can do it with:

cd $HOME/sources/idempiere
hg pull -u

and/or, similarly for your local clone

cd $HOME/sources/myexperiment
hg pull -u

Note that first one will pull from bitbucket, and second will pull from your local clone.

This tutorial is brought to you by Carlos Ruiz from GlobalQSS. Feel free to improve directly or suggest using the Discussion tab.