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Table of Contents | Importing DB Seed Manually | Running iDempiere within Eclipse | Creating Installers from Eclipse


To run iDempiere from within Eclipse you need to configure first the parameters, this is done running a preconfigured application called

  • Open Eclipse
  • Navigate to Run > Run Configurations > Eclipse Application
  • Select and push the "Run" button
  • You can fill the parameters as shown in the screenshot, or with your own preferred values, specially you must take care of the following:
    • iDempiere Home: This is the repository folder
    • Web Port / SSL: be careful to not use a port that is already used by another application, in linux ports below 1000 cannot be used by non-root users. For example port 8080 is used by Oracle-XE
    • DB Already Exists: we can check this flag as we already imported the database
    • Database Name: here we fill with the name of the database created on Importing DB Seed page
    • DB Admin Password: this box can be left empty when the DB Already Exists is marked. If you want to fill it then it must be filled with the postgres password, if you don't know which is please refer to postgres documentation about how to set it up
    • Database Password: here we fill with the password you provided when created the adempiere user

Screenshot-Adempiere Server Setup.png

NOTE: There is another application that can be used also, called, instead of opening a window it asks the parameters from keyboard on the console tab on Eclipse.

Running Server

  • Navigate to Run > Run Configurations > Eclipse Application
  • Select server.product and push the "Run" button

After a very quick start you can navigate in your preferred browser to the address http://localhost:8080/

NOTE: Recommended browsers are chrome, firefox and safari.

This tutorial is brought to you by Carlos Ruiz from GlobalQSS. Feel free to improve directly or suggest using the Discussion tab.