Project:Organization of this Wiki

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This page describes the organization of this wiki.

The first ideas about this wiki are collected on the page Project:iDempiere Wiki Server One of the main reasons for this WikiFarm is Project:WikiInternationalization. Someone should write Project:WikiRules and define Project:Namespaces.

This Wiki is part of an internationalized WikiFarm. You can go to the german de:Hauptseite or the english en:Main Page to contribute to the language dependent wiki pages.

suggestions for improvement

Please give suggestions for improvements:

  • Do a better WikiFarm with common search features
  • Use right extension to gain Wikipedia L&F like ajax search (check if this is done by Extensions and/or CSS)
  • Integrate interesting Extensions (which ones?)
  • Change the theme to something better (more special)
  • Create some useful templates
  • ...
  • ...your suggestion here
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