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How is Internationalization implemented?

We have one main wiki (this) and one wiki for every language community. For example you can use links to the german de:Hauptseite and the english en:Main Page. Inside this pages you can connect them to get translation entries in the side bar.

Please contact User:TBayen if you are member of a new language community.


I was not 100% sure which technology we use for the internationalization. You can do it with different wikis and with different namespaces in one wiki.

It seems reasonable to use the Namespace Project to keep organizational texts separated from real iDempiere content. If we do internationalized Wikis as a WikiFarm we should think whether we want to separate the localized user manual from other localized content throug a namespace like "Manual:"... WDYT???

pros and cons

  • Namespaces need always a prefix before the page name. This does look a bit ugly.
  • With different Wikis you can use the MediaWiki [interlanguage links] and produce a menu like [wikipedia] has.
  • Namespaces allow easy searching through one, more ar all namespaces.
  • There is an Extension for Searching and such for [WikiFarms] but it seems to work only with MySQL. :-(

How to create new language wikis

I documented the creation of new language wikis at iDempiere Wiki Server.