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We want to create a new wiki server for the idempiere project. In an (soon to be called) historic IRC chat in the early european morning of the 2012-05-29 the following things were triggered. These are just my own thoughts after this chat. Feel free to login to this wiki and change it all. :-)

  • we want to create internationalized wikis to keep the different language content apart
    • linking possible between all wikis
    • local and global search
    • single sign on for all wikis
  • we want a new developer wiki to organize the project
  • we want to use the domain *

decisions we have to make

which domain

  • ...

Up to now we decided to use We do not want to use the adempiere brand. We want not to be commercial but a community project - so we are more of a .org than a .com.

URL scheme

It is like that what wikipedia has. We have to use a login cookie on "" (see how to to this) or single sign on. Uses one database per wiki.

It has one common domain. Setting up new languages will be a bit easier for the wiki admin (without changing nameserver) but other pages/services on the "www" domain have to be on the same server (we may use "wiki." domain for this). Seems to have no big advantage if SSO works with the former scheme. Uses one database per wiki.

This scheme uses MediaWiki namespaces. You may or may not use searches for one or for all namespace. We have to find that out. No interlanguage links like in Wikipedia (perhaps another way?). Herr too we could use" to separate it from later other uses of the domain. Data is collected in one big database.

what to do next

  • Admins have to do
    • set up a wiki server for testing purposes
    • transfer the domain "" for testing purposes (must not but testing on a real domain is like "release early, release often").
    • discover the usage of namespaces.
    • find a way to easy get data from the wiki (database and upload directory backup?)
    • build ourselves an opinion about the naming scheme and the database <-> namespace issue
    • spam security (moderated registration - define some wiki admins)
  • Community has to do
    • discuss rules and forget them :-)
    • Define structure for content
    • Defining the common goal of the iDempiere Project
    • ...

what we can do better than

  • localized scope
  • no rules
  • cleaner structure - much less legacy pages
  • ...

what to do later

Do we need another logo? Experience says that other people may not want us to use the ADempiere logo. I do not think they can forbid it but I do not want to stress our nerves... What about the [Erpetion (Australian Violet)] - there are not many words in english language beginning with "ERP". :-) I did not find a CC image. Have to travel to an australian flower shop.

Seems that I found a CC licensed one:


time schedule

If we want start it will take 1-2 days to set up a first wiki to begin organizing the community (we should do this with the right URL scheme from the beginning). To discover and discuss the right way and to set up the localization may take up to two weeks.


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