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Example of a large warehouse

News and Community


October 2016,

Ready for Download. Stable Version 4.1.

Other News

September 2016, - iDempiere wins again BOSSIE Award for 2nd year
July 2016, Commnuity Choice iDempiere Project of the Month
March 2016, SourceForge: iDempiere featured as a Project of the Week, March 21, 2016
September 2015, IDempiere World Conference in Germany


See Projekt:Current_events chronology

If no one is answering you maybe you need to know How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


  • Demo Test.
    • EMail: admin @ (including spaces!) Password: GardenAdmin
    • EMail: superuser @ OR system @ (including spaces!) Password: System

(ERP) Enterprise resource planning

(CRM) Customer Relationship Management

Third Party Plugins find here

Functions of iDempiere

  • Multiple Organizations
  • Multiple Client
  • Multiple Languages
  • Multible currency
  • Multiple Accounting Formats and expandable

Supported web browsers

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera

Server Requirements
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Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

System Requirements

User's Manual for iDempiere

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Integration points

  • iDempiere has several integration points to integrate with other systems. The built in integration points are:
  • Configurable and flexible CSV-import
  • Web services
  • JMS messaging
iDempiere Basics

Sales and Marketing
Manufacturing Management

Engineering Management

  • Resource Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Workflow

Planning Management

  • Product Planning
  • Forecast Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Capacity Requirement Planning
  • Distribution Ressource Planning

Production Mangement

Distribution Management

Quality Management

Standard Costing Management

Develop iDempiere

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Translation into other languages

iDempiere vs others ERPs

Upgrading iDempiere

Release 4.1

  • Upgrade your database with this script:

The database settings are set in the beginning of the script.

  • Upgrade your iDempiere server:


iDempiere is released under the terms of the GPL v2. For more information, see the official site.


Thanks to these sponsors for many of the works produced here!