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Example of a large warehouse

News and Community


October 2016,

Ready for Download. Stable Version 4.1.

Other News

September 2016, - iDempiere wins again BOSSIE Award for 2nd year
July 2016, Commnuity Choice iDempiere Project of the Month
March 2016, SourceForge: iDempiere featured as a Project of the Week, March 21, 2016
September 2015, IDempiere World Conference in Germany


See Projekt:Current_events chronology

If no one is answering you maybe you need to know How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


  • Demo Test.
    • EMail: admin @ (including spaces!) Password: GardenAdmin
    • EMail: superuser @ OR system @ (including spaces!) Password: System

(ERP) Enterprise resource planning

(CRM) Customer Relationship Management

Third Party Plugins find here

Functions of iDempiere

  • Multiple Organizations
  • Multiple Client
  • Multiple Languages
  • Multible currency
  • Multiple Accounting Formats and expandable

Many other items can not be listed here for reasons of space. For this purpose, refer to the Reference Manual and other descriptions.

Supported web browsers

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera

Server Requirements
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Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

System Requirements

Upgrading iDempiere

Release 2.1

  • Upgrade your database with this script:

The database settings are set in the beginning of the script.

  • Upgrade your iDempiere server:

User's Manual for iDempiere

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Language Packs

Integration points

  • iDempiere has several integration points to integrate with other systems. The built in integration points are:
  • Configurable and flexible CSV-import
  • Web services
  • JMS messaging
iDempiere Basics

Sales and Marketing
Manufacturing Management

Engineering Management

  • Resource Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Workflow

Planning Management

  • Product Planning
  • Forecast Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Capacity Requirement Planning
  • Distribution Ressource Planning

Production Mangement

Distribution Management

Quality Management

Standard Costing Management

Develop iDempiere

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Translation into other languages

iDempiere vs others ERPs


iDempiere is released under the terms of the GPL v2. For more information, see the official site.


Thanks to these sponsors for many of the works produced here!