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  • Maintainer: Red1 (talk) -
  • Main Copyright: e-Evolution, MEXICO.
  • Lesser Copyright: red1, SYSNOVA
  • Current Version: 1.0 ALPHA
  • License: GPLv2 - Free as in Freedom not Free Lunch
  • Price: (to be determined later for commercial users only)
  • Guide: Download PDF


  • Libero Warehousing or WMS (Warehouse Management System) is dependent on the Plugin:_Libero_Manufacturing plugin before it can operate.
  • It contains only Outbound processing at the moment and the Inbound part is in process of been developed.
  • Based on ADempiere WMS that contains SmartBrowser which is handled by iDempiere's Info-Window but without the embedded Process feature which is also in progress as the Inbound part.
  • The guide for free download describes in full how to setup and develop further on it.

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