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I have a dream

  • That all code will be free and all wealth is shared more equitably.
  • That all miserable people who claimed their kids do not have enough to eat stop complaining and start contributing. Then their kids will not be so fat and the world is a better place.
  • That human beings remain decent and not cheat when using open source by hiding their improvements from others to help them improve it.
  • That more of you implementers out there engage the top contributors professionally instead of hiring your own coders which will leave you to die. Don't take my word for it. It happened to most of you i met all over the world.
  • By contributing then you become like us, a branded name, where more inquiries will gravitate towards you instead of others. The more honest you are, the more it attracts high value projects. Even when you die (everyone dies) your karma will get you a better life.
  • Case in point -

Steal From Me

  • Yes, you heard me right. I encourage you to fork and copy all my work to displace the other bloated giants been used. In the interim term, the trickle effect is tremendous and guess who stands out most?
  • If you do credit me back, i just have to thank you. If you don't i will still thank you (anonymously).
  • Anyway i have enough credit in my since a decade ago now frozen due to spam.
  • You can get my stuff at the Files Download section of my account:

Talk To Me

  • If you find any shit in my work then post in the forum for me to fix it.
  • If you find any shit with any other's work, then write to me to expose their evil.
  • If you wish to engage me for a project together with the local them there, i give priority to the following countries at this moment (I change the list once it is out of my bucket list):
    • North Korea
    • Iran
    • Iceland
    • Mongolia
    • Tibet
    • Antartica
  • I usually will work with the local FOSS spirited person there. If none exists, i usually take on an apprentice and soon s/he is the one. This is not poetry. This is my history.

Some Good Stuff

  • This list may change depending on what i analyse to be really interesting stuff for any project member to delve in too. Of course, tell me what you think or knock me on the head.
  • PO_Wrapper is the E=mc2 of the code.
  • Plugin:_Purchasing_Forecast is one example of perfect 100% separation of plugin from core.

Help Me!

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