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  • Copied from Libero Manufacturing
  • As a standalone BOM Drop Configurator for use in vanilla iDempiere
  • Just install plugin and auto Pack-In will define menu items.
  • Follow forum for support or feedback and more update information


  • Pre-define the measurements of your BOM assembly parts as:
    • Component (compulsory part)
    • Optional (checkbox yes/no)
    • Variant (qty can be changed)
    • Radio Group (any component type grouping other than the above three)
  • When selecting any or toggling will cause the GrandTotal price summed up
  • Drop to any document:
    • Sales Order
    • Invoice
    • Project (Order)
    • Phase (Project)
    • Task (Project)
  • Shows helpful line information:
    • Available Qty
    • Price according to selected PriceList
    • Rolled up Qty/Price
  • Can be used just as a fast lookup for BOM, information, availability and pricing.

Steps To Use

  • Select Price List
  • Select Parent Qty
  • Select BOM Product
  • Select Document to Drop to.

If you want to provide additional comments, please use the Discussion page.

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