OIDC SSO Microsoft Azure

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Developer: Hengsin

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5346

OIDC Setup for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

https://portal.azure.com/ > Azure Active Directory > Add > App registration

Azure Register Application

App Registrations > Overview > Endpoints

Azure Application Client ID and Endpoints

Copy OpenID Connect metadata document URI for Application Discovery URI and Application (client) ID for Application Client ID.

Azure OpenID Connect metadata document URL

App Registrations > Authentication > Redirect URIs

Azure Redirect URIs

App Registrations > Overview > Client credentials > Add a certificate or secret

Azure Create client secret

Copy client value (not client secret) for Application Secret Key

Azure Copy Client Secret Value

iDempiere SSO Configuration

Azure iDempiere SSO Configuration for OIDC


For testing, you can join https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/dev-program

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