OIDC SSO Google Identity

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Developer: Hengsin

Feature Ticket: IDEMPIERE-5346

OIDC Setup for Google Identity

Create New Project

https://console.cloud.google.com/ > New Project

Google Cloud Console Create Project

OAuth consent Screen

APIs and services > OAuth consent screen

Google Cloud Console OAuth consent-1

Step 1. Enter app information.

Google Cloud Console OAuth consent-2

Step 2. Add email, profile and openid scope.

Google Cloud Console OAuth consent-3

Step 3. Add users.

Google Cloud Console OAuth consent-4

Create OAuth client ID credential

APIs and services > Credentials > Create Credentials > OAuth client ID

Google Cloud Console Create Credential-OAuth client ID

Enter client name and redirect URIs

Google Cloud Console OAuth client ID-1

APIs and services > Credentials > OAuth 2.0 Client IDs

Copy Client ID and Client secret

Google Cloud Console Copy Client ID and Client Secret

iDempiere SSO Configuration

Google Cloud SSO Configuration for OIDC

Enable use email for login

Google Identity Use EMail for Login

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