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Automatic Language Printout

  • From another amazing contribution by Carlos Ruiz, a JasperReport can detect what language locale you have chosen and transpose its field labels with the translated version.
  • Sample image shown here looks like its done in English. It is because the login language is English.
  • Now it looks like its done in Juan Valdez expresso. It is because I relogin with Colombian.

How it works

  • The magic is double advantageous:
    • The use of properties files with language suffix to denote which language it will use:
      • <JasperReportName>_<suffix>.properties or base language if no suffix. For example:
    • External properties files allow self-setup of any other translation without touching the code, script or JasperReport format.
  • This means minimal maintenance, cleaner install, easier end user freedom and user-friendliness.

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  • With [1], the use of properties file is now optional.

How to setup

  • First use such Expression in your JasperReport:
    • $P{RESOURCE}.getString("report.title")
    • You can also use simpler syntax like str("report.title"), msg("report.title") or $R{"report.title"}
  • Then create properties file with such entry:
    • report.title=TÌtulo CafÈ
    • report.subtitle=SubtÌtulo CafÈ
  • Then attach them to a Report and Process for JasperProcess.
  • Subreports need a parameter to be added. Refer: Finding resources in JasperReports
  • Now login your chosen language and see the difference without further work.
  • Or add a parameter with the name 'AD_Language' or 'CURRENT_LANG' to the process record and choose which language do you want to see in the report.


Sample Setup

  • The sample attached here will automatically do all of the above.SourceForge
  • Just Pack In the whole zip as it is without opening. (Login as SystemAdmin, go to Pack In, create a record and attach the zip. Then process it.)
  • Do a Role Access Update
  • Now go to main menu to see a new item created by it
  • Click on it and it is working!
  • Of course you can open a copy just to see what or how it works as a Pack In



  • Note that was a mistake in the JRXML of not using the sub-title in the 2nd expression and I corrected it easily and then attach it back to the Report and Process as the new jrxml.
  • There is also an option to specify 'attachment:<..>.jrxml instead of 'attachment:<..>.jasper so you just remove the attached jasper for the system to automatically generate one-time.


  • A properties generator to populate the properties file from the AD translation tab!

Use translations from AD_Message and AD_Element

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