Finding resources in JasperReports

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Resources such as images that are attachments can be referenced using $P{RESOURCE_DIR}.

An image path would look like

$P{RESOURCE_DIR} + "image.jpg"

Resource bundles

Resource bundles are property files for translating reports into different languages.

By default iDempiere-JasperReports looks for a resource file with the same name as the JasperFile, ie, the Jasperfile is called Report.jasper and then it will look for and etc. This might be practical if you only have one single report and have no need to share translations between different reports.

When has been resolved you can also specify a custom name on the Resource Bundle. This enables you to share resource bundles between reports.

NOTE! iDempiere doesn't handle resource bundles with country specific languange until after IDEMPIERE-1215 have been resolved.

Resource bundles in subreports

Currently iDempiere doesn't support resource bundles in subreports when the resource bundle is defined in the subreport. However, if you have a resource bundle in the main report you can pass that resource bundle to the subreport like this:


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