Create PO from Requisition (Process ID-337)

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Process: Create PO from Requisition

Description: Create Purchase Orders from Requisitions

Help: Create Purchase orders from Purchase Requisitions.

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Process Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Requisition Material Requisition M_Requisition_ID
Table Direct
Organization Organizational entity within client An organization is a unit of your client or legal entity - examples are store, department. You can share data between organizations. AD_Org_ID
Table Direct
Warehouse Storage Warehouse and Service Point The Warehouse identifies a unique Warehouse where products are stored or Services are provided. M_Warehouse_ID
Table Direct
Document Date Date of the Document The Document Date indicates the date the document was generated. It may or may not be the same as the accounting date. DateDoc
Date Required Date when required DateRequired
Priority Priority of a document The Priority indicates the importance (high, medium, low) of this document PriorityRule
User/Contact User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact The User identifies a unique user in the system. This could be an internal user or a business partner contact AD_User_ID
Product Product, Service, Item Identifies an item which is either purchased or sold in this organization. M_Product_ID
Product Category Category of a Product Identifies the category which this product belongs to. Product categories are used for pricing and selection. M_Product_Category_ID
Table Direct
Business Partner Group Business Partner Group The Business Partner Group provides a method of defining defaults to be used for individual Business Partners. C_BP_Group_ID
Table Direct
Consolidate to one Document Consolidate Lines into one Document ConsolidateDocument

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