How To: Create Purchase Order From Requisition

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In iDempiere, you can create Requisitions to get quotations from your vendors and create purchase orders based on these requisitions. In this wiki, you can learn how to do it.

Requisitions can be done manually or via an automated replenishment process. Manual requisitions are done via the Requisition window. On the other hand, automated replenishment is done via the replenishment report process. The replenish type (i.e. reorder below minimum level etc.) must be set up in the Product window before the automated process can be run.

Once your requisitions are created, open the "Create PO from Requisition process"

This process has basically two options:

  • Creating one or many purchase orders from a specific requisition.
    • If you fill up the first parameter (Requisition). The other parameters, except for the last two checkboxes, are not taken into account when running the process. The process uses then the requisition lines from the selected record to create the purchase order lines.
  • Creating one or many purchase orders based on different parameters.
    • Based on all the parameters you choose in the process window. The system gets all the requisition lines that satisfy the conditions (f.i. Warehouse, Document Date, Priority, User, etc ...) and create the purchase order(s) accordingly.

Once the requisition lines are defined (based on the conditions explained above).

The process creates the corresponding purchase order and purchase order lines with all the header values coming from the Requisition document (Organization, Date Promised, Price List, Warehouse), except for the business partner.

The Business Partner is set like this:

  1. If the requisition line has the Business Partner set, this is used for the purchase order.
  2. If the business partner is not set in the requisition line and the line is for a charge, the business partner from the charge record is used.
  3. If the business partner is not set in the requisition line and the line is for a product, the business partner comes from the Product>Purchasing records (if there's a record with Current Vendor checked, it sets that one, otherwise the first record found with a valid Business Partner).


  • If many lines have the same product/charge a single order line will be created with the total quantity.
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