Video Tutorials Guidelines

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This is part of a list of all possible contributions, you can check those in Contributing to iDempiere.

If you got to this website is because you're interested in contributing your knowledge, we thank you for that and want to provide you with all the assistance to make that possible!

These guidelines allow us to evaluate and judge video tutorial submissions, which will also improve documentation. These guidelines are not static and will be updated with time. If you have any suggestions please contact us in the marketing forums.


The purpose of these video tutorials is to provide the iDempiere community useful information from different topics allowing us to share and spread the knowledge throughout the community. The topic should be related to the official iDempiere software (no forks or private customizations) or a community plugin. It should be of interest to community members and professionals involved in the iDempiere project.


Besides the good feeling of sharing and contributing to the project and gaining recognition among the community (self-marketing), your video will be posted on the official iDempiere youtube channel. Your participation is voluntary. There will be no compensation for your participation.

Submitting a video tutorial

Before submitting any proposal, please read thoughtfully our code of conduct.

If you have any questions, you can write in the marketing forum or in the Mattermost channel.

To participate you agree that:

  1. You have read the above information.
  2. You voluntarily agree to participate.
  3. You accept that the video might be published on the official iDempiere website and/or its youtube channel.
  4. You accept that the marketing committee has the authority to reject the video tutorial at its discretion (a mail will be sent to you stating the reason for the rejection).
  5. You guarantee that you will prepare the topic that you will be presenting and have the necessary knowledge and skills to do it.
  6. You read the code of conduct and accept to follow all the guidelines mentioned in it, including avoiding topics unrelated to the software such as personal opinions on politics, personal attacks, etc.

Participant information

  1. Presenter name.
  2. Brief bio of the presenter.
  3. Organization (if the presenter represents an organization).
  4. Background information about your company: please provide background information about you and/or your company, include as much information about your background with iDempiere as possible.

Video tutorial information

  1. Title
  2. Video brief: 3-4 sentences explaining the context and purpose of your presentation. What topics did you cover? If there are multiple presentations, how do they fit together?
  3. Language
  4. Primary discussion topics
  5. Objectives and outcomes: In bullet points
  6. Benefits for participants
  7. Target audience: Developers? System admins? Functional users? Consultants?

Submission process

If you want to participate, please make sure that you read all the information described above and follow these steps:

  1. Create a compressed file containing the video and a text file with all the information requested above, if in the video any slides are used, please attach them as well.
  2. Upload the previous file to a platform accessible to the marketing committee (f.e. WeTransfer) and send a message to the marketing forum or to the Mattermost channel with the subject: "Video tutorial proposal".
  3. The marketing committee will proceed to review your video and decide if it will be posted in the official youtube channel.
  4. Be published in the iDempiere youtube channel and become part of this great community!