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  • Purchasing Forecast is a forecast table generated from Sales Orders and Sales Forecasts.
  • Think of it as a shortened supply chain, instead of relying on replenishment and stock checks.
  • Generating from Sales Orders can be either via individual Sales, or bulk taken from Forecasts.
  • From Forecasts, they are converted to actual Purhase Orders, done either in bulk or selectively via an InfoWindow.
  • Forecasts take into account, lead time and net quantities needed.
  • Purchase Orders are consolidated according to respective vendors.


  • There is a testing suite that fully tests all the above assumptions.
  • Please refer the PDF guides listed there.


  • You are welcome to test it, contribute feedback, code and changes to improve it, or just vote below to influence more of such work from sponsors.

If you want to provide additional comments, please use the Discussion page.

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