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At the IDempiere workshop 2015 we discussed about the given system of prices and conditions in iDempiere. That system is quite easy to use but it has not all capabilities that users needs. One the workshop we saw a "Conditions" concept of Thomas Bayen and Anton Fildan showed us how SAP does it.

This page is to collect all ideas how to create a plugin.


There are static and dynamic and more general and more specific parts of the pricing system. The result of the condition system should be that we have a way to create two kinds of things:

  • We need a way to query for a general and static price list for a given set of attributes/dimensions. An example is a base price list or a customer price list. Basically this is a view on the conditions table that gives us a price for a combination of product and business partner or price list using a given schema. We have different schemas for list price, standard price and limit price (for Sales and Purchase).
  • We need a way to get a price that is more dynamic. That means it takes into account more attributes/dimensions. That can be used inside of a sales order line or invoice line. We have another schema for that (for Sales and Purchase).

use cases

This section is to add all possible types of prices and conditions. Then we should think how this fits into our concept. You are invited to add your own business cases here.

base price


customer price



...add your business cases here.



changes in core

We need a plugin interface to be able plug pricing systems to automatically create iDempiere price lists and use dynamic price conditions in documents.

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