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Plugin: SmartLoyalty

An Advanced OSGI Plugin for SmartPOS/Idempiere ERP to manage loyalty programs.


An Advanced OSGI Plugin for SmartPOS/Idempiere ERP to manage loyalty programs.

Includes :java code + SQL + packouts + configuration guide Requires: Idempiere 2.1+ & SmartPOS 3.1+ So existent user scan install it on their current ERP & SmartPOS environments.

SmartLoyalty Plugin for SmartPOS & Idempiere

1. Basic functionality to collect points per each money invoiced Configurable variables to define conversion factors from/to points to money.
2. Points will be managed and collected by an sponsor/member account (who collects the points), and the sponsor can have beneficiaries (who can spend the points of the sponsor) but all of them have independent loyalty accounts. A normal business partner can be marked as member or beneficiary (isLoyaltyBeneficiary or isLoyaltyMember. )
3. Additional Access control with PIN for loyalty transactions, (buy & transfer points)
4. Configurable factor to buy/sell points
5. A new user friendly UI for customer sign up (for admins)
6. New points field for products
7. Automatic Collection of points depending of effective purchases (money -> points) (partial) - just if the product has point assigned
8. Sponsor can add money manually to the account (Buy points)
9. Sponsor can transfer/Authorize points among his account and his beneficiary accounts
10. Beneficiaries are limited to spend just the authorized money by the sponsor.
11. Detailed points transaction history with reports
12. It creates all the ERP documents for cash transactions (receipts and so on) so user can manage the accounting with the ERP as usual.

Transparent integration with SmartPOS

13. A new payment form :points to SmartPOS
14. Points collection for transactions, and creation of ERP documents
15. Additional points information on screen & tickets for SmartPOS

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