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  • This functionality are for a better visualization and report format of the Financial Reports in iDempiere.


  • New field for report header
  • New Line Type: Custom Line
   • Blank Line: Leave a full blank line used as a spacer
   • Centered Title: This will appear after column headings in Bold Centered
   • Double line for Total: Generates double line below the amount of total that is in the column
   • Line: generates line in the whole line, that is, all the columns
   • Total Line: Line below the total amount that is in the column
   • Underlined Description: Add an underline to the description column
  • New Line Type: Tabular Text
  • Advanced calculation: Divide (Op1/Op2), Multiple (Op1*Op2) and Fixed Percentage/Number calculation.


More detail on the User Guide PDF file


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