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  • Creator: Patric Massing from Hans Auler GmbH, Germany.
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • License: GPLv2 - Free as in Freedom not Free Lunch
  • JIRA Ticket: IDEMPIERE-1546.
  • Source: PaymentExport
  • Reviewed by: Red1 (talk) 23:52, 22 June 2015 (CEST)
  • DB Change: Payment Export Class defined in Bank/Cash>Account window to use: 'org.aulersipel.util.as1SEPAPaymentExport'.



  • Banks today process big volume of transactions using a standard XML format to import the payments to be relayed to the recipient accounts.
  • In Germany it is the SEPA format, defined in a custom class, called by the PaymentExport process in *Piere ERP.
  • This fragment plugin works under the host plugin of org.idempiere.ui.zk
  • Just install it in OSGI or via Felix Console to your idempiere-server and start it.
  • Once it is active it will be seen as 'Fragment' and that means it will be used in the PaymentExport process.
  • Tested in production use by the sponsor company group with partners in Germany and Luxemburg.
  • As a fragment plugin, this custom export handling is easily decoupled or maintained with no impact to the core ERP.

Template Fragment

  • This fragment can be a good sample to reuse to make new fragments
  • Fragments are needed as extension to core plugins without modifying core.
  • This particular fragment fulfills classloader by core plugin by providing the class as its single payload.
  • In this example, the fragment merely loads the defined class in the window above during WPayPrint.
  • The fragment class as1SEPAPaymentExport implements PaymentExport interface which defines a single method exportToFile.

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