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  • Creator: Red1 (talk) -
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • License: GPLv2 - Free as in Freedom not Free Lunch (There is no warranty for production use and you need to pay a consultant to provide it.)
  • Source: BitBucket repository


  • This is evolved from Plugin:_Aladdin_Magic_Plugin to become even more magical.
  • Scripts combined under common menu to make complete ERP models in one go.
  • Testing 'All Nodes' mode to test all menu sets.
  • Blank Sample plugin for fast deployment of new code stubs.
  • Sequence execution to resolve dependency of model on each other.
  • Completed scripts set IsActive box off. Setting back ON can redo.
  • Send changes easily to another setup as a record set either PackOut or Excel format.
  • Delete Model giving unpack or 'plugout' effect.
  • Readymade working sample in plugin as instant cheat sheet reference.


  • Able to specify different Window Field name for same base column reference (DONE)
  • DocStatus-Action Workflow Structure (DONE)
  • Kanban Board on the fly generation (DONE)
  • Info-Window Reporting of selection (DONE)
  • CSV Import generate Model and Menu on the fly (DONE)

How To

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