Plugin: PeriodOpenClose

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This plugin allow to open or close selected periods in a single click. Otherwise you have to click on every period.

2017-05-15 09 03 54-Expert Light DEV.png

  1. Selected desired period
  2. Click on the new toolbar button

2017-05-15 09 04 30-Expert Light DEV.png

  • Choose action (open / close) and click on the green tick !

What is added :

- 2 messages : org.tgi.action.periodOpenClose.label / org.tgi.action.periodOpenClose.tooltip
- A toolbar button : PeriodOpenClose


TBD :)

If you find bugs or think about improvement, write me an post on google group, or get in contact with me Nicolas Micoud.

If you want to provide additional comments, please use the Discussion page

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