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  • There is a need for good daily financial reporting tools in the iDempiere ERP suite. This plug-in will attract a lot of accounting users because of its simplicity, freedom to change to suit any need in minutes, out-of-the-box functionality.


  • Ready-made plug-n-play OSGi plugin. This is all you need.
  • JRXMLs are embedded, just save into local disk if needed to modify and reattach back to redeploy.

How To

For best results, watch the video, but in summary:

  • Download the plugin from here.
  • Use the Apache Felix web OSGi console, or telnet into the OSGi console, to load and and start the plug-in.
  • Run Role Access Update in your Client such as GardenWorld and login again.
  • Select from Business Reports menu:
    • Customer Statement
    • Customer Balances
    • Vendor Statement
    • Vendor Balances
  • For the header to work, ensure you have your logo image set under Logo Report field in the Client menu option for the client. You must restart the server to load the logo.
  • Set AD_Package_Import_Detail, column 'AD_Original_ID' to not mandatory. Then Synchronise Column to its DB. Do this under SystemAdmin, Table and Column, Column tab.

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