NF8.2 Override Virtual Column In Field

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Feature: Override Virtual Column Definition in Field

Goal: Technical

Developer: Igor Pojzl

Sponsor: Cloudempiere


The ColumnSQL used to define virtual columns can be overwritten in the Field definition:

01 VirtualFieldColumn.png

Usage and Impact of the different options for Virtual Columns:

ColumnSQL in AD_Column ColumnSQL in AD_Field Type Master Grid PO.get Find Report
no prefix null Virtual Y Y Y - can impact the database heavily.

N - after the implementation of IDEMPIERE-5126

@SQL= null Virtual UI Y just on actual row N N N
@SQLFIND= null Virtual Find N N N Y Y
null no prefix Virtual in Field Y Y N N N
@SQLFIND= no prefix Virtual Find in Column, Virtual in Field Y Y N Y Y

As shown in the table above, the best combination is to define a virtual search column at Column level and a normal (no prefix) virtual column at Field level. This kind of configuration doesn't impact the performance of PO.get and is searchable, shown properly in reports, master and grid mode.

See also NF6.2 Virtual UI Column, NF7.1 Virtual Search Column

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-4479

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