NF7.1 Virtual Search Column

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Feature: Virtual Search Column

Goal: Functional

Developer: Diego Ruiz

Sponsor : BX Service GmbH


The goal of the ticket is to allow the configuration of virtual search columns.

To add a virtual search column, the user must define a SQL Column as a regular virtual column but starting with “@SQLFIND=(*QUERY*)”.

For example:

@SQLFIND=(SELECT b.so_creditlimit FROM C_BPartner b WHERE C_Order.c_bpartner_id = b.c_bpartner_id) -> Creates a search column for business partner credit limit

@SQLFIND=(SELECT l.postal FROM C_BPartner_Location bp JOIN c_location l ON (bp.c_location_id = l.c_location_id) WHERE (C_Order.bill_location_id = bp.c_bpartner_location_id) AND bp.isshipto = 'Y' AND l.isactive = 'Y' AND bp.isactive = 'Y' AND bp.c_location_ID = l.c_location_ID AND C_Order.C_BPartner_ID = bp.C_BPartner_ID AND bp.C_BPartner_Location_ID = (SELECT MAX(bp1.C_BPartner_Location_id) FROM C_BPartner_Location bp1 WHERE bp1.C_BPartner_ID = C_Order.C_BPartner_ID)) -> Creates a search column that allows the user to search by zip code in the orders window

The user must create the Column and the Field as normally (after saving the field, isDisplayed will be set to ‘N’ automatically)


The users will be able to search through that column in simple and advanced searches



Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-4087