NF1.0 RestrictToolbarButtons

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Feature: Restrict Toolbar Buttons

Goal: Security / Usability

Initial Contributor: Nicolas Micoud

Sponsor of additional work: Trek Global


You can now easily restrict a toolbar button for a specific role, or a role in a window, or even for all windows ( system administrator only).

You just need to define a record on the Toolbar Button Restrict window. When opening the window the restricted buttons WON'T BE DISPLAYED at all.

As the old adage says: "A picture is worth a thousand words", some examples:

Restrict InfoProduct button in ALL windows

NF001 ToolbarButtonRestrict001.png

Restrict Delete button in ALL windows for GardenUser role

NF001 ToolbarButtonRestrict002.png

Restrict DeleteSelection button in Product windows for GardenAdmin role

NF001 ToolbarButtonRestrict003.png

Restrict Email button for report viewer launch from Business Partner windows for GardenUser role

NF001 ToolbarButtonRestrict004.png

Restrict Archive button for all report for GardenUser role

NF001 ToolbarButtonRestrict005.png

Restrict Copy Sales Order Line button for sales order window for GardenUser role

NF001 ToolbarButtonRestrict006.png

Technical Info: IDEMPIERE-129 IDEMPIERE-446

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