Marketing Committee Meeting 20231110

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Date: 2023-11-10
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

Summary of the day
Meeting led by: Diego
Meeting notes and follow-up actions: Diego
Attendance list: Eugene, Diego, Carlos

  1. What's new from last week?
    • Test Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5063 Improve Unit Tests - Add jasper test
    • Development Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5922 Jasper Report: support loading of jasper report file from non-fragment bundle
      • IDEMPIERE-5909 use jdbc library as bundle
    • Performance Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5835 disallow multiple executions by any user
    • Bug fixes
      • IDEMPIERE-5874 adding AD_Client_ID to MDistribution cache key
      • IDEMPIERE-5901 Fix NPE for not found autocomplete column message
      • IDEMPIERE-5904 NPE for Search Fields within Reference Keys
      • IDEMPIERE-5915 Generate Invoices (manual) > RMA => AR Credit Memo created with system date instead of "Date Invoiced"
    • Technical Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5903 support multiple webservice project
      • IDEMPIERE-5914 Upgrade Jetty from 10.0.15 to 10.0.18
    • Usability Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5908 Report parameters are not displayed in full in PDF.
      • IDEMPIERE-5911 [IDempiere Monitor] Open Log File on New Tab
  2. Upcoming release
    • We announce the release freeze and help the core team with the following activities:
      • a) Community test day planning
      • b) Based on the results, we decide if we need a "Developers day" to address the found issues and stabilize the release version
      • c) Simultanously we ask for: Names proposals - banner images proposals
      • d) New documentation platform release
      • e) Donation message together with the release
    • So based on that list we need to focus on:
      • a) Planning the test day(s) as previous years and announce it on forums
      • b) Asking for name proposals for iDempiere-11 in the marketing forum
      • c) Have a final version of the donations message, changes in the donation page ... before the official release
    • We created a first draft message and we work to improve it for next meeting
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