Marketing Committee Meeting 20230623

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Date: 2023-06-23
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

Summary of the day
Meeting led by: Diego
Meeting notes and follow-up actions: Diego
Attendance list: Eugene, Chuck, Diego, Carlos, Subhashish

  1. What's new from last week?
    • Functional Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5056 Order and Invoice: Tax lookup interface
      • IDEMPIERE-5747 When using Generate PO from SO - cannot delete the generated PO, neither the SO lines
    • Usability Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5364 Event name is truncated at bottom
    • Technical Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5448 2023 June Platform Update
      • IDEMPIERE-5567 Support of UUID as Key (FHCA-4195) - Archive
    • Bug fixes
      • IDEMPIERE-5764 [ZOOM] - Window configured in reference does not work
      • IDEMPIERE-5776 Cannot generate shipment for an order with multiple lines for same product and Complete Order delivery rule
    • Development Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5777 Improve extensibility of WPaySelect
    • Community news
  2. Hero winner May 2023
    • Henry Manas chosen as the hero of May 2023
    • Frank wolff chosen as hero of June 2023
  3. Blog post review
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